Short-handed Part I

What's been blatantly apparent through New York's preseason and early going in 2004 is that the club is sorely lacking big-time talent. Sure, there are a handful of players that other teams would salivate over, but for the most part, the Giants have only an average bunch of talent; hence the disappointing results. <BR><BR>

In all fairness, you have to give Tom Coughlin time to get his players on board, but if you look back at New York's two championship clubs – in 1986 and 1990 – it's plain for all to see why they won. They had a whole bunch of good and even great players. Names like Taylor, Simms, Bavaro, Morris, Carson, Banks, Martin, Elliott and Johnson come immediately to mind.

For purposes of comparison TGI decided to break New York's current roster down into five categories, with the blue and red chip players rated the best. What this showed was that the Giants have a whole bunch of players widely regarded as average and even below average. And you wonder why everyone's been picking New York to finish last in the NFC East.


Eli Manning – We believe he's as good as advertised. It's just going to take time. Eventually he'll be a super quarterback; he'll work out; needs playing time this year.

Tiki Barber – He's so dangerous; the only possible negative is his ability to hold the ball, which appears to have been fixed. Good enough to be a Pro Bowl player.

Jeremy Shockey – He has all the makings of a superstar, but he needs to stay on the field and limit the drops.

Michael Strahan – Still the best two-way DE in the league. No one is better at rushing the passer and stopping the run than he is.


Jeff Feagles – Strength of his game is ball placement. Outstanding kicking directionally and downing the ball inside the 20. Chris Snee – Real tough, hard-working; typical blue collar grinding guard; will battle you tooth and nail.

Amani Toomer – Can look like a Pro Bowler, but you'd like to see more of that big play ability on a consistent ability.

Ike Hilliard – Love his guts, toughness and ability to start and stop. Real good number two receiver.

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