Coughlin meets the media

As usual, Tom Coughlin addressed the New York media on Wednesday. Here are the highlights: <BR><BR>

RE: Addressing team on the win and Cleveland's injury situation.

A: Let me just say this about that - we are one-and-one. We talked about that this morning. The way in which we improved last week was through our preparation and our practices. I will tell you this about Cleveland, and my experience with them, the team that comes in here -- the injuries are most unfortunate in our game -- the team that comes here, they will play their tail off. If you watch their special teams play and their defense play, they hit anything that moves. So that is a team which will come in here and will play hard. They are talented. They have many people who you have to defend, or respect, or whatever term you want to use, the punt returner, (Dennis) Northcutt, right down the line. They have a solid, solid group. We had a preseason game against Baltimore here. They opened with Baltimore. Jamal Lewis had 57 yards rushing, just to indicate the kind of game that they can play. They are one-and-one; we are one-and-one. Right now our concern is preparing for a very good football team, and we look forward to playing them at home.

Q: How difficult is it for a coach to compensate with so many injures in one week's time?

A: Actually there are a lot of things from the standpoint of just maneuvering your roster that comes up first and foremost. But they have made those kinds of moves, they have depth. They have people ready to go. I'm sure that is what the first 24 hours were absolutely involved in those type of things.

RE: Rushing attack against Washington.

A: It is the first game, the first time, we haven't rushed for 100 yards. We really didn't feel good about our rush game the other day at all. It is one of many things that have to get going.

RE: Shockey's adjustment to his different roles.

A: He is used in many, many different ways. He is not only used as a receiver, but he is used as a tight end at the point of attack. He is used as a move guy. He is used as someone who is flanked. There are a lot of different roles that we are developing with Jeremy, and we feel very strongly about his ability to do extremely well in all of them.

Q: Has he been receptive, even in areas where he is not comfortable?

A: Absolutely. Absolutely. I think it is a learning experience for him because he has been in all of the meetings, but he hasn't been able to rep a lot of those things until a couple of weeks ago. Last week was better from the standpoint of being able to put in a lot of different situations, and so we continue to work with that.

Q: How has he progressed as a blocker?

A: Good. The first thing we noticed at the point was that he can move people off the line of scrimmage. So as I said, he is not used to moving a whole lot, and moving means that you are finding moving targets. And that is a little bit different as well. But he is anxious about it and wants to do well.

Q: Can you put your finger on problems with the rushing game against Washington?

A: We didn't handle certain things that Washington presented to us very well. We didn't block it very well. Which is what I was saying.

RE: Your use of the tight end.

A: Tight ends are versatile and they can be used in a lot of sets and a lot of formations. They can create things where you can use one tight end as a fullback, if you will. You can create an awful lot of formations and variety and cause an awful lot of solid shift packages because of what the tight ends can do and their role of versatility as a receiver and as a blocker. So I feel very good about having a lot of tight ends who can maneuver and put themselves in a position. Shiancoe can do that. Marcellus Rivers has been used in a lot of different positions as well. In addition to short yardage and goal line and the three tight end attack that you see sometimes on first down, but other times on short yardage, in addition to that you have the move responsibility. Even if it is a three wide package, the tight end can be used in a change of strength and also the lead blocker.

Q: Do you expect Emmons, Green and Taylor to practice?

A: Emmons, Green and Taylor are practicing today.

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