Jeff Garcia Q&A

"I'm 100% healthy." <BR><BR>

Q: Are you a 100% healthy? How is your back?

A: The only time I talk about my back is when I'm asked about it. I haven't had any back issues since last year. I'm 100% healthy. I deal with my normal soreness after every single game throughout the body, but other than that I'm healthy¦I feel better than I have in a long time.

Q: In Sunday's game; was it more of Dallas doing something different or it's just still a matter of being new to the offense and it takes some time?

A: I'm not going to discount what Dallas did on the field. Obviously coming off last year they are a top-ranked defense and they play their schemes well. They created some situations during the game where protection-wise we didn't handle it properly, but there were also some opportunities during the game that I just plain missed or we missed as a team and that's the unfortunate side of it. Because the game could have easily turned out differently, the game could have easily been a completely different situation, especially early on in the game, but because of missed opportunities we didn't take advantage of certain things. Then we found ourselves struggling and we, I think, got away from resorting to some of the things that we know how to do well. And we started to press and we just didn't play efficient football. We didn't play effective football, obviously, and so what we learn from it is that you can't necessarily fold up or try to force a play, you have to allow it to happen naturally and I think we got out of our natural setting last weekend against Dallas. It was partly because of how they were playing but partly because of what we were not doing on the field.

Q: What are your remembrances of the San Francisco-Giants playoff game in 2002? Where does it rank among your career highlights?

A: As far as my professional career, it was definitely one of the top highlights as far as what I've been a part of. Obviously, being able to have a comeback like that in a game that meant so much at the time was an awesome experience. I take it for what it was. I think I learned a lot from it. I think I learned that obviously when you're down and it seems like you're merely out, that you can pull things together¦you can refocus your energies and turn a negative into a positive. Obviously, we're dealing with different circumstances today and a different situation and different schemes, but as far as a highlight in my career that was definitely one of the top games that I've ever been a part of.

Q: How does the Giants seven turnovers in last week's game get your attention? What do they do well?

A: I think that's just something that is very indicative of the Giants, as far as being able to create turnovers, being opportunistic, as far as getting their hands on the football. And that's something that is going to give your team an opportunity to win games, and, unfortunately, we were not very good with the football last week against Dallas. And we need to be better than that, and I know that we are better than that, and that's something that we can't afford to allow ourselves to get into again because it's difficult to overcome and Washington found out it was difficult to overcome seven turnovers and that led to a winning situation for the Giants. We need to be better at protecting the football because we know we're going against a team that does a good job of taking the football.

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