Shockey sets record straight

Tight end Jeremy Shockey, who made headlines with his comments about his frustration regarding his production, again spoke to the media on Thursday. <BR><BR>

Yesterday, the two-time Pro Bowler said he wasn't completely comfortable in the team's new offense. Today, he was asked if he is concerned that the offense isn't tailored to a tight end.

"No, not at all," Shockey said. "No one has gotten into a rhythm as we have in the past. It's a marathon, it's not a sprint. I think that we're going to form a unity in this room with the offense -- the receivers, everybody, including myself, the running backs -- that at any place somebody can make a big play. I just felt like I can make a big play and that in the past two weeks I haven't been comfortable with the things that I have been doing, not from a frustrating standpoint, just that I'm not comfortable with it yet, and I just have to get in here and work harder and just try to play faster as a player and not think so much. I have to just go out there and play."

Shockey said he is adjusting to the shifting he frequently does before the snap and the different positions he is asked to play, such as lining up at fullback. But he stressed today that he is not unhappy with Tom Coughlin or his staff.

"No, it's not anything that he's doing," Shockey said. "It's not him, it's just me. I'm not used to doing the things that I'm doing and I take that as a challenge. I'm going to get better every day and just try to push myself and get better at the things that they want me to do." Coughlin was asked if there is a way to get Shockey more confident and more involved in the game.

"Well, it's just a continual process. It's a process of being able to practice, which he has for a couple of solid weeks, and each week he practices he looks much more comfortable in his role," Coughlin said. "So I think it's a process of building on where he came from and, of course, getting comfortable in the movement roles and the things that we ask him to do each week and then making some plays.

"Jeremy is a good football player, and he just has to have some patience and he has to understand that it's a work in progress and the more we have an opportunity to work Kurt (Warner) with Jeremy and other payers getting to know each other better, our expectations continue to rise."

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