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"You have to give the Giants a lot of credit they were a significant part of forcing the fumbles."-Browns head coach Butch Davis <BR><BR>


(On the Giants' seven takeaways) "The other team turned it over a lot. They (Washington) had a player who doesn't normally fumble that did. Their quarterback was sacked and they threw some interceptions in the end zone. They (Giants) knocked loose some balls. You have to give the Giants a lot of credit they were a significant part of forcing the fumbles."

(On TE Jeremy Shockey) "Jeremy is probably more gifted than last week's tight end (Jason Witten). He is every bit as scary and productive as the many wide receivers. He is a great blocker. We are going to be challenged by tight ends every single week. We had (Todd) Heap the first week, Witten the second week and Shockey this week, so we are going to face tough tight ends every week."

(On TE Kellen Winslow going on injured reserve) "Nothing will be decided now. The doctors said they will have an 80-90% evaluation by the open date that is five weeks from now and that they will know what is going to happen. He will have a boot on for the next 10 days to two weeks. Then he will be allowed to start strengthening the ankle. I don't know if he will be able to walk without the boot at that particular time. I have optimism. He has a chance to play a pretty significant part in the second half of the season without any setbacks."

(On DL Courtney Brown after surgery on his Lis Franc fracture and his return) "I talked to him two hours after surgery and he said ‘I will be back. I will be there in a couple of days to start rehabbing.' He has an awesome disposition and he is a remarkable kid. He is such a strong Christian kid and has a lot of faith and I think that plays a strong role in it. Things happen for a reason and he is going to come out of this a better person."

QB Jeff Garcia

(On playing against DE Michael Strahan) "Obviously, Strahan is a great pass rusher and he can create havoc in the backfield. It is going to be important for our right tackle to not be overly concerned with the situation. Sometimes, you put a block in your head that you have to be so good and on point that it tightens you up and makes you play below the level of your abilities. Joaquin (Gonzalez) has to go out there and do the best job possible. That is all we can ask of him. Obviously, stay in front of the guy. He has a wide array of pass moves and rushes. He is going to have his opportunities, but we are going to have to help him (Gonzalez) out also. We are going to have to help him (Gonzalez) out with our backs and tight ends. We are not going to put ourselves in a situation where Strahan controls the game. That is how we are going to have to focus on it. They have 10 other players out on the field. It is one of those things where you say we are going to have to lineup and play football."

(On the Giants defense) "They did a great job of creating turnovers last weekend. They were very opportunistic. Many of their points came off of turnovers. That is something that we have to stay away from. We turned the ball over too many times this weekend. I don't believe that was a telltale sign of what this team is all about. We are better with the football than what we showed and we will be better with the football. That comes down to decision making and not forcing situations. That is what the Giants did to the Redskins. They forced situations, poor decisions and a great job of attacking the football. We need to do a better job of protecting the football."

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