It could have been Alexander

<P>Jim Fassel stood by his team's decision to select Ron Dayne in the first round of the 2000 NFL Draft instead of very impressive Shaun Alexander, who went eight picks later to the Seahawks. </P>

Seattle just so happens to be visiting the Meadowlands this Sunday, which is precisely why this is such a hot topic of conversation. Fassel said that the front office was "on the same page" when deciding to choose Dayne, and that the club would make the same decision all over again.

With Ricky Watters out for the season, Alexander will get the bulk of Seattle's workload on Sunday. Playing behind New York's best offensive player, Tiki Barber, Dayne will be lucky to get five carries if recent games are any indication. Dayne said recently that he'd retire if the Giants let him go. Alexander, on the other hand, has no such worries or concerns. Alexander was asked Wednesday if he was hoping to be taken by New York.

His response: "You know what, New York is such an exciting city, it was one of those things that if I had been taken by New York I would have been excited to play there and help get them to the Super Bowl, and they got there anyway. So that would have been cool but they made a choice and they got Ron. Ron and I got a chance to rap with each other all through getting picked for the draft and all the camps and things that we did together. It was really cool and I was really excited for him."

But Shaun, are you hoping to prove the Giants made a mistake by passing you over? "No! Because that is not up to me. I think that me coming to Seattle has been a blessing in disguise for me because I have been put around some great people and that is on and off the field. New York has made their choice and they have got a great back in Ron Dayne and Tiki. You know they got him and went to the Super Bowl, so they couldn't feel like they chose wrong and I think that we are headed in the right direction and eventually we will be there too. So I don't think where I am is too bad either."

On the injury front, all three Giants are listed as probable. WR Joe Jurevicius (hamstring) practiced and looked good, according to Fassel. RB Damon Washington (knee) also practiced, while SLB Brandon Short (leg) sat out, but is expected to return to work on Thursday.

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