Q&A with Packers Coach Mike Sherman

'I don't know if anyone throws the deep ball as well as he does.'-Packers head coach Mike Sherman on Kurt Warner <BR><BR>

Q: Can you talk about what you see from the Giants defense? They seem to be a lot more aggressive.

A: Well, they are. Tim Lewis is the defensive coordinator, coming from Pittsburgh. Tim, a former Packer player; I need to remind him of that this week. He is installing a very multiple defense; it's aggressive, and I think one of the things about their team that is so impressive is the fact that they have registered nine takeaways. I think a lot of that has to do with the aggressive defense and the nature of that defense. Something equally as impressive is that they only have two on offense. So, I think that is pretty impressive as well.

Q: Your secondary had some injuries and problems last week; how are they shaping up for this week?

A: Well, it's hard to tell right now, because we just had a morning practice and then we go out this afternoon as well, and so we have a very eager group but a group that feels like they can play a lot better than they played last week on defense and plans to against a talented Giants offense, so we have to have all of our T's crossed and I's dotted to play this game against the Giants, who have a lot of weapons.

Q: When you prepare for the Giants defense does it start with Strahan or is it all eleven guys?

A: Well, certainly Mike is a force on their defense and always has been and he is certainly number 92 over there; you always have to look where he is, it's kind of like when we had Reggie White. People always were trying to find out where Reggie was; it's easy to find them, they're usually the biggest guys out there and they're smiling at you when you break the huddle, so everything starts with Mike, but I think that the defense as a whole has come on and has become a strong part of their team. I think Norman Hand, Keith Washington, even Green, Allen, Peterson, they're all contributing to the success of that defense. No defense is just one player. It has to be multiple players and that certainly is the case with the Giants.

Q: Dealing with the Giants multiple fronts and a lot of stunts, particularly in the running game, is there anyway that you can use that in terms of setting up the passing game and utilizing Brett Favre?

A: The multiple fronts that they have against the running game does force you to be a little more simple in your approach to it so that you can make sure that you identify who you have to block and how you have to block them. In regards to the passing game, it still causes some problems because you still have to find out where they are coming from and they have multiple packages where they have a three-man front and a four-man front and in the three-man front you are not sure which guy is coming down and applying pressure, so I think their style of defense is effective on both sides, with the run and with the pass.

Q: From what you have seen of Kurt Warner on film, does he look like the guy that knocked you guys out of the playoffs a couple of years ago?

A: He does to me. I don't know if anyone throws the deep ball as well as he does. He seems very much in control of the situation, which he did in St. Louis. You just have to look at his win/loss record and what he has done in this league and have instant respect for him. I think the bottom line, I think one thing Brett (Favre) is very proud of in his career is his win/loss record, and I think the same thing is true for Kurt Warner. You look at his win/loss record and it's hard to beat. He has won a bunch of ballgames, big games.

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