Christie on shaky ground

Tom Coughlin wasn't too pleased with the three-miss effort by kicker Steve Christie in Green Bay. Here's what Coughlin had to say about his troubled kicker: <BR><BR>

Q: After looking at the missed field goals by Christie; where does he stand right now in terms of your confidence in him?

A: The better production of our field goal team has been a goal of ours for the last couple of weeks, it's not just the kicker, it's the whole operation. When we put you on the field to win a game with a 30-yard field goal or a 33-yard field goal or whatever that might be, we fully expect that the end result will be positive; that wasn't the case yesterday so we have to go through that process again of earning the trust that goes along with putting some body out there and saying okay group, there's 11 people that have a function to accomplish in order that we might win, so we've obviously got a lot of work to do there.

Q: Are you considering a change at kicker?

A: Right now we will stay; we're going to try to work our way through it.

Q: Was there something else in those kicks other than him mis-hitting them?

A: I don't know about mis-hitting them, I don't know that he would say mis-hitting, he missed them. He missed the kick.

Q: There wasn't a problem with the hold or the snap?

A: No.

Q: So you will not have anybody in this week to tryout?

A: I didn't say that. I said at this moment we plan on staying the way we are, but that doesn't mean that tomorrow we won't bring somebody in to work out. It doesn't mean that. It means exactly what I said, at this moment in time we're going to try and make that whole operation better.

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