Jim Fassel Press Conference

<P>I am very proud of this team that has no quit. That was pretty evident in the last 2 weeks with us on the edge as far as we could get. Then to win the game at the end. As long as we have a chance, we're going to fight. We're going to fight wherever we go. I firmly believe in this team. They played hard. they haven't lost their composure. We kept fighting and we kept playing. </P>

Is this as close to a playoff atmosphere that you can get?

We talked about it. This is a playoff atmosphere. It's sudden death playoff atmosphere. That's what it was. Both teams played hard. that was a back and forward game. each team made mistakes, but each one made plays. Our fans were there at the end. I know they were a little frustrated, but they were loud at the end. That was a positive signal to me. It helped our guys.

Is the offense more relaxed with the no huddle?

To a degree. It's constant and consistent with what we do. We spread people out and play catch. It's a signal of what we are made of. There was no panic down there. We let the clock run because I wanted to get to the 2 minute mark without using a timeout. You have to be patient. That's tense times. there is no question that you see season before your eyes, but you have to remain composed.

How big of a lift did your defensive leaders give you?

They meant a lot. I can't describe it to you. You would have to be in the locker room. Before the game and at halftime there was a lot of energy and life from the guys that have been there before. They don't want to go down.

Do you feel good about your playoff situation?

We're one at a time. That's all I can worry about for us. We're going to Philadelphia and lose it's done. As long as we win, we're still in. it's like a playoff run, once we lose we're done. We've got to treat it like that. the only thing we can do is try to win next week. It we could, there could be a clear picture going into the last game.

Do you like the situation that you're in?

There is no question about it. You must win in December if you're going to have success in this league. All I care about is that we're winning and if we win next week, we'll see what the picture is next week.

Are you seeing the team from last year emerge?

I'm not so sure about some things today. Catching to kickoff going out of bounds. Then fumbling the kickoff. I wasn't real excited about. The confidence and the will to win and the fight to win was exactly like the team last year. Talk about going to Philly. The key thing now is keep every body on a steady course. No matter how difficult the lose or how much criticism you take. You have to keep it on a steady course if we're going to be successful. That's what I'm trying to do.

Are you looking for revenge against the Eagles?

No. We're in a different ball game now. All that stuff is behind us. Talk about Dixon catching the ball out of bounds. Very angry. It was not a smart play. The wind was blowing that way. That ball was going to carry out of bounds. We talk about it all the time. With Tiki on punt return and on kick off returns. It was a cross breeze. That ball was going out of bounds. The breeze was blowing and we were going to get the ball on the 40. we tell them all the time to let it go out of bounds. When he fumbles the ball going out of bounds, I took him out.

Will you do to a no huddle earlier?

Not really. I thought our play action pass gave Kerry some protection to play catch to be effective.

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