In the Locker Room - Lions

Kevin Lewis: We didn't play well today. I didn't do enough out there to win. It is a tough feeling right now. We definitely needed to not make as many mistakes as we did. We were prepared; you just have to point that finger at me and at each individual.

Jason Whittle: We didn't execute the way we should have. They outplayed us. We didn't score touchdowns in the red zone, which is what we needed to do. They just beat us. They didn't do anything that we didn't expect. They came with some pressure a couple of times, but nothing that we shouldn't have been able to block. They didn't show anything that was really exotic. We have to take this week to get back on track. We can't take anything for granted. We have to do all of the little things right and prepare and practice like we need to.

Nick Greisen: They outplayed us. We didn't make the big plays when we needed to. We turned the ball over twice and as a defense we didn't get any turnovers. We let them drive on us all they wanted. We needed to make a three-and-out after we scored. We didn't do that. We let them back on the field and score on us. I am disappointed with the way we played. We have to come back and bounce back. It is all about how you come back and play next week.

Jamaar Taylor: We tried to focus in all week. We had two weeks. There is really no excuse. When you have two weeks to prepare for a team, you should have the upper hand, especially when we are on the up side. We are four and two now, so we are going to have to rebound and come back and play Minnesota real tough. We were prepared for everything. From what I saw on the field today, I saw everything in practice. They were more hungry than us. They came off an awful loss – they had tasted defeat last week. They didn't want any part of it again. We just got outplayed today.

Tiki Barber: We just didn't play well enough in the red zone; in this league, it is about scoring points. We didn't execute down there and get enough points on the board for us to win.

Osi Umenyiora: It was a tough day. They came out there and were prepared for us. We made a lot of mistakes. There were a lot of plays that we should have made that we didn't. They just beat us – plain and simple. This is not a setback. This is only the sixth game of the year. We will bounce back. We are a good football team. They just outplayed us today. We didn't take them for granted; our coaches would never allow that. Their quarterback was on fire and they just made plays. We knew that they were a play-making team. They showed that today. We will be back, don't worry about that.

Will Peterson: It's just that their sense of urgency was greater than ours. The coaches did a great job of preparing us to play. Knowing that situation of coming out of the bye week, as players, we have to get ourselves ready and mentally prepared. They just wanted it more today, obviously, because they took it from us. They just showed that they wanted it more than us, and we have to get that fire back.

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