Q&A with Bears LB Brian Urlacher

Q: When you watch Tiki Barber on film; how do you break down trying to tackle him? <BR><BR> A: Try and hit him in the chest and get him on the ground. You know, it's like trying to tackle anybody else.

We don't really change our philosophy on trying to tackle people. He runs hard. I've seen him run over a couple of people on film already and you just have to get him on the ground.

Q: Tiki's cutback; he seems to have gotten much better at that over the years?

A: He has great vision. We talked about that this morning in our defensive meetings, he's got great vision. He sees a lot of the holes and with that power that they run, they run a lot of power scheme now and there is a bunch of places you can run the ball and he's finding pretty much every gap that he can hit and he's hitting it.

Q: What are your impressions of Kurt Warner at this point?

A: He's playing well. I've seen a couple of games already on film. He's throwing the ball around to everybody. Shockey is getting more involved now the last couple of games and he's a dangerous guy back there. He puts the ball on the money and hopefully we can get pressure on him and just try and get him on the ground a few times.

Q: Is there any sense of this being a "get some respect" game? Because obviously the record isn't what you want it to be and coming into New York?

A: This is a big game. Every game is a big game now when you're 2-5. You have to pretty much win all of them to do what you want to do, to accomplish the goals from the beginning of the season, but this is a big game for us. We feel like we're getting better every week and last week we played pretty well on defense and our offense scored some points for us, so we just have to go in and play hard. That's our philosophy…if we play hard we should win.

Q: Do you look forward to facing Shockey?

A: Yeah. I don't think I've played against him, or maybe I did, I don't remember, but sure, I look forward to every game, it doesn't matter who were playing. I look forward to going out there and playing no matter who it is.

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