Q&A with Cardinals RB Emmitt Smith

<b>Q: </b> How different is it going to be playing the Giants without Strahan? <BR><BR> <b> A: </b> I'll say that it'll be a little different because of the impact of Michael Strahan and what he brings to their defense, but I'm quite sure that they have some solid guys that can get in there and guys that are going to get in and make a name for themselves as well, so how much of an impact will that be?

I don't know. The game has to be played for us to determine what kind of impact his absence really, truly is, but I'm sure that at this level they have players that can play ball as well.

Q: What are your main concerns with the Giants defense?

A: They are very relentless, they are very aggressive. They're a hard nosed defense…they just fly around the ball, they have solid players and they are playing well as a ball club and that's very key.

Q: You've had some pretty big games against the Giants in the past; do you look forward to playing this team?

A: I'm looking forward to playing every game of the year. That's what I look forward to and the Giants happen to be the team that we are playing this week, so just the opportunity to have a chance to play in a National Football League every year and every week is something that every player has to look forward to.

Q: Are there any special memories of the Giants?

A: No, none at this point. Obviously, I am going against a different Giant team than what I went against in the past. Some of the players are still there and they have a new head coach and so they are playing very good football. Yeah, I can think back to a lot of great rivalry games against the Giants and go all the way back to January 2nd (1993) when I broke my shoulder against those guys. There are a lot of memories and a lot of history there between me and the Giants back in the day, but I think all of that history and things of that nature are irrelevant according to what we're playing this weekend.

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