Final grades for 2001 Giants - See if you agree

<P>Jim Sabo, of Ourlads' Scouting Services and TGI fame, weighs in with his grades for this disappointing season: </P>

Final grades for the season Kerry Collins C Much better than he showed this season.

Amani Toomer B- Expected more big plays.

Ike Hilliard B+ Needed him healthy all year.

Joe Jurevicius C+ Too many key drops. Disappointing "walk-year."

Ron Dixon F Great player from the neck down. KO returns a failure.

Tiki Barber A Offensive MVP. Salutatorian.

Ron Dayne C+ Showed some positive signs, but still too many non-productive carries.

Greg Comella C Not as good as last year. Too many drops.

Lomas Brown C- May not want to go, but it's time to go.

Glenn Parker C Could become a solid backup if they could afford him.

Dusty Zeigler B Quietly effective. New OL will be built around him.

Ron Stone B+ Solid season, but a trip to the Pro Bowl?

Luke Petitgout B Improving. Has to cut down on penalties.

Jason Whittle B Solid job when asked to fill in. Possible starter.

Howard Cross C One-dimensional. Time to move on.

Dan Campbell C+ Slow to develop. Not the receiving threat they need.

Michael Strahan A+ Defensive MVP. Valedictorian.

Cornelius Griffin C So much expected. So little delivered.

Keith Hamilton A- As tough as they come. Plays like he cares.

Kenny Holmes C- Was he any better than Cedric Jones?

Brandon Short B- Made strides throughout the season. Will continue to improve.

Mike Barrow A Hard-working, honest effort every time.

Jessie Armstead B- Injuries taking a toll. Not as consistently effective as he once was.

Jason Sehorn C Most maligned player. Injuries or diminishing CB skills? Future free safety.

Will Allen C+ Still learning. Trashed by Thrash.

Will Peterson B- Held up well in some pressure spots. Sam Garnes C- Down year in coverage and tackling.

Shaun Williams B Started well, finished slowly. Much better than he showed this year.

Emmanuel McDaniel C Not as effective as rookies cut into playing time.

Rodney Williams D+ Should not have been punting with a broken wrist. Too inconsistent.

Morten Andersen B+ Nice finish to an excellent career.

Jim Fassel C- Couldn't rally the team. Roller coaster results are frustrating. Sean Payton C Sophomore play-calling slump.

John Fox B+ Philly defensive debacle (no help for Will Allen vs. James Thrash) cost him an A for the year.

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