Shockey responds to criticism

Jeremy Shockey met the media head-on in front of his locker Monday afternoon. Here's some of what he had to say: <BR><BR> <b>Q: What disappointed you most about yesterday?</b>

A: Just, you know, having a young quarterback in Eli come in and he played well enough to win the game and we just, myself, just left all those plays out there. That's just a bad …You don't want people seeing that and you definitely don't want to play like that.

Q: How did you sense his confidence was in the huddle and you guys responding to it?

A: He had confidence. He did everything this organization asked him to do and it's just hard because he played a great game and well enough for us to win and we at the skill positions, myself, we just didn't make plays for him and we really didn't help him out as much as we should have.

Q: What has been causing the mistakes?

A: Just the little things. Maybe a person on the backside is not blocking his guy or just someone dropping a ball or something like that. We just have to come together this week and work hard. This guy is going to be here for a while and we know how good he can be. We just have to give him time like we did yesterday and we got to make plays when we got a chance to do so.

Q: Eli said that on some of the dropped passes he blames himself, he said some of the throws weren't on the money, is that accurate?

A: No. We should have made the catches. He's a competitive person so he's going to say that. You know, he's a pleasure to play with and he's going to be here a while and a lot of people in this locker room are going to be here a long time so we just got to straighten things out and just make plays for him because when he makes passes, it's our job to catch them no matter where they are. There are no excuses for whatever balls we drop.

Q: This isn't meant to take a shot at Kurt, but does the team feel the future is in good hands now?

A: I think that this team does feel that there is a good future whoever is in playing. You can't say one person is going to secure a team forever. He's going to make plays, he's going play like he plays. You see the pedigree in his family and what his brother is doing now. He's capable of doing the same things so I think that is why people are so anxious to play with him because they watch what his brother does on Sunday and they know he's going to emulate what his brother does.

Q: You've talked about making plays, how important was it to catch his touchdown pass after the drops you had earlier?

A: I was and still am disappointed in the fact that I couldn't come through. I just mishandled some balls. I just want to comeback and work hard this week and hopefully we can get a couple more of those.

RE: Fan cheering sarcastically after you made a catch.

A: I can't even hear if they cheer or boo, whatever they do. Like I've said when people ask me those questions, I don't really hear whatever they do.

Q: Do you think you need to adjust to the difference in the way Kurt and Eli deliver the ball?

A: Yes, their styles are different but there are no excuses with the yards and plays left out there yesterday. We're going to come together as skill guys and work extra hard even if it's on our off day. We're going to do everything we can to help this guy out and help this team win. We got to get a win. We need a win really bad.

Q: Is it really disappointing that in the last two weeks you've had the ball in your hands with a chance to win?

A: Yeah, it's really disappointing. The fact that you have a chance to win the game and you can't do it. We just need to execute. People need to do their jobs and people need to step up and make plays.

Q: How much does his mobility help?

A: Like I said earlier, he's a pleasure to play with. He does everything right and we can't afford to do anything wrong when he make perfect passes. When I drop them and people drop his passes, you have to expect where the ball is going to be, because he's going to put it where the defender is not going to be. So we have to get use to that. His mobility is great. He can get out of the pocket and make plays.

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