Eli meets the media

Eli Manning was gracious, as usual, as he met with the media on Monday afternoon following his first career start. Here are a few excerpts.

Q: With the loss aside; were you pleased, dismayed, what would you like to change other than obviously the result?

A: I have to eliminate the interceptions, the one before half was just a bad decision and it ended up not hurting us but the one where we were driving on the 25-yard line or so, that was a killer and you cant have that and if we go to get points at least a field goal out of that drive changes the game and shows you if we get a touchdown then we've got a whole new game so a couple of bad throws and for the most part I thought I made good decisions on most of the plays, but had a couple of bad throws where I didn't set my feet and that could have been a difference also.

Q: Did you feel any anxiety at any point like hey maybe I have to slow myself down?

A: I didn't feel real nervous or too pumped up or anything, I was trying to get the ball out of my hand quickly and make fast decisions and fast reads and for the most part I think I did that but sometimes I think I was just a little too hurried in trying to get the ball out of my hands too quickly where my feet weren't set and the guys weren't turned yet, I just have to slow down when I have time to slow down and wait that extra half of second to get the ball out and make a good throw.

Q: At the end did you think you were going to win it?

A: Yeah, I thought so. I think the whole team thought that we could drive down there and get a win especially with the way we were moving the ball in the second half, we made some good drives and had some good possessions so I thought we had a good chance to go down there and get a touchdown.

Q: What do you think was your best decision?

A: I don't know if there was a best decision, I think you just look at the game and look at your reads and you just hope that watching the film you on the defense you were at least looking to the right side, going through your right progressions and most of the time I thought I was doing that, sometimes I wasn't and made some bad decisions but that's just a part of being young and learning those things and learning from game and practice.

Q: How much do you think that experience will help you this week against Philadelphia?

A: I think it will help me just to get the speed of the game back and get used to that and obviously going against a good Philly team that has a good pass rash and so I'm going to have to get the ball out of my hands quickly but I finally got into a rhythm in the second half and I have to stay with that rhythm and find that earlier in the game this week rather than wait until the second half to get into rhythm.

Q: Atlanta didn't send a lot of guys opposed to Philly who is blitz happy; is that kind of a curiosity for you?

A: It's going to be different, obviously Atlanta didn't do a whole lot of pressure and they felt that they could get a rush with their front four which they've been doing all season so our offensive line played great yesterday so we're going to have to have another good week from them and the whole offense is going to have to see when they are doing blitzes and make our adjustments and pick those up but when they blitz it gives you a chance to throw the ball down the field.

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