Q&A with Eagles QB Donovan McNabb

<B>RE:</B> Giants cornerbacks; you've kind of seen them grow up in the league over the past few years. What are your thoughts on them and how they're playing now?

A: I think they're playing well. Knowing Will, I know that Will prepares himself well and goes out every week to get better and Will Peterson has definitely improved his game and the way that they're playing right now and their defense opens up a lot of eyes and you definitely have to prepare well for them.

Q: What do you see them doing on defense to keep things going even with the injuries that they've had?

A: They're intense players. They're not letting the injuries hold them back and easily people could just say I'm hurt and I don't want to play, I'm not going to be able to do it, but those guys continue week in and week out to get out there and compete for their team and for the guys that are preparing with them.

Q: Your thoughts on Eli?

A: I think Eli is definitely going to be one of the top quarterbacks in the league and be able to develop into the quarterback that possibly could be better than his brother, and I just know that he prepares himself to be better than his brother. I think things will work out well for him.

Q: You were in a similar situation to Eli by not starting right away; was that an advantage?

A: The way that I went about it was learning from the sidelines and meetings, talking to Doug Pederson and watching film with those guys and just learning more and more about the game. Obviously you want to get out there and compete and help your team win and contribute as much as possible, but Kurt was doing well for them at the time and I know in that situation it's tough for Eli and Kurt, but I think they feel comfortable with putting him in right now and giving him the opportunity to obviously do a great job and lead them to where they want to go and they have full confidence that he can do that.

Q: What do you see of Carlos Emmons?

A: I think Carlos is looking healthy and is flying to the ball. Watching the Atlanta game I saw that he made some big time tackles for them, put them in great position to obviously win that game and he's a big time leader. We've played with him over here, we know what to expect from a guy like Carlos, and it's nothing different that he wasn't doing over here than he is doing over there.

Q: How has the Giants defense changed from week one? What is it going to be like not playing against Michael Strahan?

A: No matter if Mike is out there or on the side, Mike will let us know that he is out there. We know that he is a tenacious player and these are probably the games that he looks forward to, but I'm sure that he'll get those guys fired up and ready to go.

Q: Are you surprised at all that you have the chance to clinch this early?

A: It's kind of shocking, but nothing to the fact that we'll continue to dwell on it.

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