Tyree plenty thankful as Thanksgiving approaches

The dreamy story wasn't quite ready for the bookstore. David Tyree had to trudge through darkness to find the light.

He's beaming again, but only after experiencing a rocky offseason that included his arrest on a drug possession charge. Tyree needed help. He had listened to former teammate Mike Barrow talk about the Lord. Tyree wasn't ready for the commitment.

His pastor, Charles W. Harris, helped Tyree see the light. The kid out of Livingston, N.J., and Montclair High, 20 minutes down the road from Giants Stadium, became a born-again Christian.

Tyree is grateful for second-chances. Incoming coach Tom Coughlin stuck by him. The mother of his 2-year-old boy stuck by him. As Thanksgiving Day is upon him, Tyree tries to find the words to express his gratitude.

"My life has just been completely turned around,'' he says. "It's been great.''

The Giants drafted Tyree last year in the sixth round out of Syracuse. He's a receiver but the Giants chose him for his special-teams brilliance. He made the team and stood out as a gunner - one of two outside players on punts. Tyree even showed receiving potential with 16 catches for 211 yards.

But the special-teams ace encountered a special problem upon being stopped for speeding by Fort Lee, N.J., police on March 2. Tyree's 1989 Olds had a broken taillight. Tyree reportedly had an outstanding traffic warrant. The two other guys in the car, police said, had about a half-pound of pot.

All three of them were charged.

"It's truly been a whirlwind with ups and down,'' Tyree says, "last year with the ups and this year with the downs.''

Tyree's lawyer is working on the drug charge. Tyree's confident there will be closure after the season. He married his college sweetheart, the mother of 2-year-old Teyon, on June 26. Teyon got a brother on Nov. 5 when Josiah David came into the world.

Tyree has had another solid season and recently was named NFC Special Teams Player of the Week.

"What I can truly say is, the Lord finds you,'' Tyree says. "I pray for all my teammates who might not know the Lord. You want everyone to receive that joy.

"I'm extremely thankful.''

Thanksgiving Day thoughts from the Giants locker room…

Punter Jeff Feagles, married to Michelle, four sons, Christopher, 13; Blake, 10; Trevor, 7; Zachary, 4

I'm thankful for: "First and foremost (I'm thankful for) my family - my wife and kids that I have. The ability to play this great game and to do it for so long (16 years). To be healthy. If I wasn't a professional athlete, I wouldn't change a thing about what I do with my life.''

Free safety Brent Alexander, married to Mari, three sons, Corey, 13; Myles, 10; Nylan 4; and a daughter, Nalyss, 5

I'm thankful for: "...I could sit down and talk for days about that one. My wife and family for their support. No matter what happens, they are always there. My kids are the best kids. They are non-judgmental. They take you for what you are. They hug you. They kiss you. They love you no matter what. They raise my spirits, no matter what happens to me during the day. The Lord blessed me, and He blesses me every day. I just thank the Lord for my family.''

Rookie strong safety Gibril Wilson, single

I'm thankful for: "Being in the NFL. That's a dream I had since I was little. I prayed every single day of my life. I mean, every... single... day... of... my... life, literally, to be here. The funny thing about my neighborhood (in San Jose, Calif.), there were a lot of kids and that's all we talked about. I'm talking about 6 years old, 5 years old. We'd even predict the year we'd make the pros and everything. Mine was always 2005. So I was early.''

Rookie receiver Jamaar Taylor, engaged

I'm thankful for: "The opportunity to help my family get a good start in life, with my little boy and girlfriend. To be on such a great team and a great organization. I'm thankful that I have the attitude I have, to have a go-getter type of mentality that makes you want to always achieve in everything you do. My family instilled that into me.''

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