Manning after the game

Q – Today was the first time you heard boos in Giants Stadium, how did that feel? <BR><BR> A – It's a part of playing football. You are going to catch boos, you can't worry about it. You have to go out there and try to play smart football. You can't say ‘I have to make a big play now.' You have to take what the defense gives you and find completions and run the offense the way it's supposed to be run. <BR><BR>

Q – Do you consider this a step back?

A – I don't want to consider it a step back. I didn't play well today, but I think every time I get out there I am learning, I am seeing different things and each week at practice I am getting more comfortable with things. So I just have to watch the film and go out next week and get better and keep trying to be more accurate and make plays. We made some big plays today when they were blitzing and we made some bad plays. We turned the ball over. I still have a long way to go.

Q – Can you talk about the interception in the end zone?

A – Yes. We had a big play down there. Jamaar (Taylor) ran a great route and caught a post and got down to the two or three yard line and we had a fade with (Jeremy) Shockey and I just threw a bad ball. I didn't get it high enough. I didn't give him a chance where either he's going to catch it or no one is going to catch it. I threw it inside, didn't get enough height on it and that's just something that I can't do.

Q – Are you beginning to develop a report with Jamaar Taylor?

A – Yes. Jamaar is a good young receiver. He has a lot of speed and he showed that today, on a go-route he ran right by a guy and then on a post route he ran past a guy. We just have to starting getting where I can hit those guys right in stride and they can catch it and get in the end zone. We got down there and we weren't able to get in the end zone after that, we just had field goals. We have to figure out a way to get touchdowns instead of field goals.

Q –Did the Eagles' blitz packages surprise you?

A – I don't think it was surprising. Every blitz they did we had seen I believe. We hit some big plays on the blitz. We hit one to Jamaar on the post and got down there and we hit another one to Shockey down the seam when they were doing some blitzing. We had a good plan for it they just got us on some blitzes. When a team blitzes that much they are going to get you on some and you're going to get them on some. We just didn't take advantage of some of the big plays that we did hit.

Q – Is there a reason why the run blocking seems so much more effective than the pass blocking?

A – I thought the offensive line played good today. They were going up against a tough front and a team that is doing a lot of blitzing. They were bringing a lot of guys, so it's just a matter of trying to pick up everybody. Sometimes they are bringing more guys than you can block. They played hard today. We're getting better. It's a team game. Some of the sacks are because I have to get the ball out of my hands or make plays. I think they are doing better.

Q – What was the turning point in the game for you?

A – It's hard to say when the turning point was. I thought we were still in the game in the first half. Definitely in the second half I threw an early interception on a bad ball and they got a field goal, but we were still in the game. The whole second half we just couldn't get things going. I couldn't get in a rhythm and find completions. We struggled in the second half.

Q – On the other interception, were you just trying to get rid of the ball?

A – No. I saw man-to-man and I was trying to throw a ball where Amani could go and get it and maybe adjust and get the ball. I didn't see the safety running over. It was a stupid throw and a bad decision on my part.

Q – How do you keep your spirits up after a loss like this one?

A – You have to stay positive. You have to look at the film and learn from it and get better from it. It's not something that is going to be pretty to watch, but you just have to learn from everything. The more I continue to see defensively and learn our system more, the more comfortable I will get. I have to be more accurate, when we have guys open I have to hit them on some in-routes and other plays, I have to start playing better.

Q – What did you think of Jeremiah Trotter's sideline hit on you and they way your teammates defended you afterwards?

A – Obviously that is a good feeling when your teammates step up for you when you get hit late. Hopefully they have trust in me where I can get the job done, so I have to start playing better for them and start playing smarter football and making plays that deserve that type of respect and what they did on the sideline for me.

Q – What can you do to improve now?

A – I think I just have to keep learning. The more I watch film and see defenses and learn what our adjustments are for certain blitzes and learn how to fix problems, I will get more comfortable, I can start making plays, get everything protected and have a better feel to know where to go with the ball. When my reads aren't there I need to know where to check the ball down and find completions and stop putting the offense in bad situations.

Q – Was there anything that you thought you did better this week than last week?

A – We hit some balls downfield. Hit a good post ball, hit a takeoff. We are hitting some balls downfield, so that's a positive, now I just have to get more accurate everywhere else.

Q – Today was the first time you heard boos in Giants Stadium, how did that feel?

A – It's a part of playing football. You are going to catch boos, you can't worry about it. You have to go out there and try to play smart football. You can't say ‘I have to make a big play now.' You have to take what the defense gives you and find completions and run the offense the way it's supposed to be run.

Q – Some of the most successful QBs in the league right now struggled early in their NFL careers, is that something that makes you say there is a learning curve and things will get better for you?

A – I think everything is going to be alright. I think I am going to improve and get better. I just have to start doing it now. There's not going to be a learning curve forever. It's a matter of getting in there and getting comfortable. It just depends on how hard I am going to work on it, how determined I am going to be to prepare each week and to know what to do with the ball when things don't go my way and learn how to be successful in this game.

Q – Is the game still fast to you?

A – I think it's just a matter of going out there and making decisions, knowing where your reads are, seeing defenses and know that when receiver is open you have to hit him, when he's not open and the defense has them covered you have to know what to do with the ball then: hit your layoffs, run and get first downs, find completions and move the ball forward instead of moving the ball back.

Q – Did they confuse you with all of the different blitz packages?

A – For the most part I saw the field well today. I saw what they were doing. I knew when we had problems blitz wise and sometimes they are going to get you, sometimes you should throw the ball away. They got some sacks, but I just have to get more comfortable and find ways to protect against the blitz and get more comfortable with the offense.

Q – How sore are you after the game?

A – My body feels fine. I know you are going to take hits at quarterback. I have taken hits before, it's just a matter of getting the ball out, finding completions and when they are getting a rush on you and they are hitting you, stay comfortable in the pocket, stay strong and keep your eyes down field, be accurate with the ball. You can't worry about getting hit. Q – Are you getting more comfortable with the receivers?

A – I feel comfortable with the receivers. I feel like I know what their doing. I can read their body movements and tell when they are going to go and when they are going to come out of breaks, it's just a matter of continuing to practice with them, get all our throws in and find a way to get them the ball and be accurate with it.

Q – Did you lose confidence in the second half?

A – No. I didn't lose confidence, I didn't get shaken. I just have to keep working, keep getting better. I thought we could still drive down there and get some points and make some plays. In the second half we couldn't move the ball. I have to find a way to get completions and get things started and get the offense back with some energy and get things rolling again.

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