Player Diary

It feels really good to be back on the field now. My right knee held me out for most of the season, but I'm happy to be out there and trying to knock this rust off me. I just want to contribute and bring something to the table every game. I'm not getting too many snaps right now, but I'm just happy to be out there.

This is my seventh year in the league and this is the first time I've ever gone through anything like this. You just live and learn from the injury. Now I just work on knocking the rust off and finishing this year up strong. I just want to help the defense.

It's really tough to be sitting out. I'm very competitive. If you're used to being out there and playing on defense - like I was - it's really hard to just be a cheerleader. It's something I don't ever want to get used to, and I'd never wish it on anyone either. Hopefully I'll never be in this situation again.

The Giants waited until the last possible second to sign me to the roster off PUP, and if they hadn't, I would have gone to Injured Reserve. My knee was still pushing it at that point, but I'm glad they activated me. My knee is still not 100 percent, but we have a lot of soldiers down so I'm just trying to bring whatever little bit I can. Of course, I was anxious to get out there. I lost a lot of time, so I feel like I have to make up a lot in a short period of time.

Sometimes the knee feels good and sometimes not so good. I'm just not where I normally would be. I can't even say what percent I'm at right now. It's just getting used to dealing with this on a week-in, week-out basis. I have to give credit to the trainers for getting me ready to play these last couple games and for the coaches for not just throwing me right back in. They've been slowly getting me back in, which I appreciate. I also respect the fact that they've been so patient and have waited for me.

I can't even explain how frustrating this has been. You look forward to coming out and playing at a high speed and doing what you do. But injuries are part of the game and you just have to deal with it. You've got to absorb the punches and come back with a counter.

You don't even feel right in the locker room when you're hurt. You almost feel like you're worthless. Your teammates are out there sweating and grinding and you're not doing anything. It's the worst feeling in the world. In a way, I might be fresher down the stretch, but in another way it balances itself out. The healthy leg gets worn out compensating for the injured one.

Heading into this Eagles game, I'm hoping to get all the rust off for this one. I'm kind of looking at this one like it's my third preseason game. That's in my mind as far as where I should be and how I'm judging myself. Hopefully I'll start to get more snaps, start getting to the quarterback and get some sacks. I'm used to getting sacks every year (27.5 in six NFL seasons). That's what I love to do.

I'm glad it worked out the way it did, but I wish it didn't take two of our guys - Michael Strahan and Keith Washington - to go down for it to happen. I didn't want it this way. God forbid I didn't want anything to happen to Keith or Stray. I would have loved to have just come back with them still here. That would have been so much better for the whole defense, we would have so much more talent. When you take out someone like Strahan, you know it's going to hurt you.

These last games are almost like an audition for me. I just want to finish out strong and do what I've been doing. I've had a pretty good career; I'm not completely content. You can always do better, but my numbers are not bad. I want to stay on track with that. It makes you feel good when you look back on what you did, but it also gets you going on how you can look forward to next year and see how you can get better.

I've done it all in this league, playing all the different spots. That's a good thing since we have all the injuries that we have. I love it all. I've been playing right end, left tackle, right tackle, left end. I'm glad I did that when I was younger so now I'm comfortable wherever I play. It might take a couple plays to get me comfortable - changing my hands, putting my other foot back - but it's pretty natural to me.

We won four games in a row earlier this year so I still think the sky's the limit for us. I know we haven't played well lately, but there's still a lot we can accomplish. When we won four in a row, everyone was talking about how good we were. Nothing really changed here; we just have to get back to doing what we had been doing. We just have to make the plays we're supposed to make. We can finish up as strong as we can and as strong as we want.

I love it here. I grew up in the Bronx, so I'm back home. I love the camaraderie on this team. The coaches are nice. They demand a lot out of you, but that's what you should be giving them anyway. That's the only way you'll stay here for any period of time. I have no complaints whatsoever. I'm just looking forward to finally being able to help them out in any way that I can.

After the season, I'll get back to hanging out and spending more time with my family and my daughter, Isis Simone. I'll play my Xbox and ride my motorcycles. I have about six bikes - they're sport bikes, not the Harleys. My mom would always send my brother and I down to South Carolina for the summer and my cousin had dirt bikes. I love my motorcycles. My cousin's the one that does the racing; I just ride. I want to clear that up. Coach told us we couldn't ride bikes until January. Not every team is like that, but you have to respect the rules.

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