Q&A with Joe Gibbs

<b>Q: What is the biggest danger for your team when you go up against an injury depleted roster like the Giants?</b>

A: I'd say we have more injuries than they do. I think last week somebody counted up that we have more of our payroll sitting on the bench than we have playing, so we're substituting people like mad. We're trying to replace people, and I don't care if you're talking about LaVar Arrington or Jon Jansen or Chad Morton. We've got 12 surgeries right now. I know Coach Coughlin's group has been hurt, too. Both of these teams are depleted in a lot of ways and neither one of us like it, but we both have just an unreal number of injuries, and we certainly have a lot of guys that won't be able to play this game.

RE: The story last week about you considering being only the GM because of your health?

A: I don't know how all of that starts. I guess somebody grabbed something and makes it up or whatever, but that's what happened in this case. I don't know where that came from.

Q: There's no truth to that?

A: There's no truth. The fact is that I came here as a coach and my plans are, Lord willing, I want to coach.

Q: With your defense playing well it seems that it would be a good area for you because the Giants offensive line has had trouble and Eli Manning is only making his third start?

A: The thing that you have to remember about Eli Manning is everybody feels like he is the best player in the country. You've got a quarterback that last year certainly everybody had high hopes for. I know everybody in New York is excited about it. Our quarterback is also young, so that's going to be an interesting battle. I also think that like we've talked about both of the teams have gone through a lot of really devastating injuries, which you hate to see happen, but I think both teams are desperate for a win. Both teams are going to go after this, I would imagine, very hard.

Q: Could you talk a bit about Cornelius Griffin?

A: I would say that I can't imagine anybody playing better than he has played for us this year. He's missed one game. He's been a rock in there for us and he's a terrific person, and I just think the world of him and I think he had played very, very well for us. I've got to tell you it's a sad thing that we're not winning games or I think he would have a chance to go to the Pro Bowl and do some other things, and he still may have if people really look at his play.

Q: When you look at the Giants receivers, these are guys that have put up some pretty good numbers over the years. So far this year no touchdowns and looks like they may be setting career lows. Have they taken a step backwards? Have they lost a step?

A: I think they're probably a little bit like us, our receivers. Certainly the same thing could be said, so these two teams are a lot alike and what happens is that when you're off on offense, it's not one thing. It's not the quarterback, receivers or the pass protection. It's probably a little bit of everything and with offense the bad thing about it is that you have to have every person on the same page and operating and that's hard to do. Defense, lots of times you can have one player bail you out and on offense that's rarely going to happen. So it's a consequence when you struggle so much with what's happening to us. I'm not talking about the Giants struggle because obviously Tiki Barber is playing extremely well and they have a lot of good things going on. For us I can only say that it's hard to get everybody on the same page. It's hard to get everybody operating. We've had drops or a bust on pass protection. We have a missed throw at the wrong time and so as a consequence you're not smooth…and so it's easy to be off on offense.

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