Manning handles full-court ‘press'

In addition to all of the extra responsibilities that go with becoming New York's starting quarterback, Eli Manning now has two organized press conferences with the media every week as well - on Monday and Thursday. Here are some of the better questions and answers from the week leading up to the Baltimore tilt.

Q: You looked uncomfortable in Washington, your passes seemed to be low and you just didn't seem like yourself?

A: I just need to find a rhythm. I think it's just about getting in a rhythm with my drops and with the receivers and just knowing when the ball should be coming out and that's just a matter of getting it in practice and getting into games and seeing it in the games and seeing the speed of the game and that's what I need to work on. I think seeing the field and seeing what's happening…mentally I'm doing things okay, I just need to do things physically better and be more accurate with the ball.

Q: Are you frustrated with how things have gone the first three games?

A: No. Obviously it's not the way I want things to be going right now but I'm staying positive and I know that I have a lot to learn and a lot to get better. It's frustrating a little that I'm not throwing the ball the way I can throw and the way I have in the past so I wish I had an answer why that's occurring, I just have to get comfortable and start throwing the ball better.

Q: How do you dig deep down and keep your morale up from here on out?

A: My morale is fine. I know I need to get better, I know I want to get better and I'm going to work hard and do everything to try to figure out what I'm doing wrong and how I can correct that so it's just a matter of coming in and working hard. When the plays are there try to make them in the game and have a feel of what they're doing and just be comfortable with what I'm doing.

Q: Is this the worst-case scenario for your first three games?

A: I didn't know what was going to happen. I didn't have a best case, worst case scenario at all, it's just a matter of I wanted to go in there and try to play the game smart and make good decisions and be comfortable with the offense. I'm trying to make the best of it and obviously I have to start playing better. I have to start picking up this offense and getting things rolling.

Q: You mentioned not throwing the ball as well as you think you can; is it a throwing slump, is it a physical thing at this point?

A: I think it's just getting in rhythm and timing with your drops. When you're in shotgun just having the rhythm of when you think the ball should be coming out, the receiver is ready and everybody is on the same page. I just have to time my drop so I can plant and throw and not have to hitch up a couple of times or move in the pocket. Obviously sometimes you're going to have to move around and people aren't going to get open right on time but most of the time they are and when you can get the ball out on time that's when you're most accurate.

Q: Do you feel more of a rhythm in practice?

A: Yeah, I feel like I have some rhythm in practice. I have to get better with that also; I'm still not as accurate as I need to be at practice sometimes. So it's just a matter of getting the feel for practice and making sure you're playing just as fast in practice as you are in the game.

Q: At any level have you ever gone through anything like this?

A: Yeah, it just takes time to get the rhythm of things and obviously when you haven't been playing in a while, just getting back in there and playing I should have it, I wish I had a reason…I just have to look at that more closely and just work hard at that and get on time with everything and get the ball coming out accurately.

Q: What has the last three weeks done to your confidence?

A: My confidence is fine. I know I haven't been playing great but I'm confident that I can get better and play better than how I'm playing. That strives me to keep working hard, to study hard and try to have a great week of practice so my confidence is where it needs to be.

Q: Have you ever gone through a losing streak like this in your career?

A: Sure, I've gone through losing streaks. When I was in college I went through a five-game losing streak my junior year, so you just have to try to bounce out of it. You have to keep practicing hard and keep trying to get better and that's what I'm doing. I'm trying to improve, I have to play better and I know that, and I'm working on just trying to fix that.

Q: How much responsibility, if any, do you take for the losing streak right now?

A: I understand that I need to play better. In those last couple of games, I haven't been doing my job and playing as well as I know I can and that I need to play to win. I understand that if we're going to win a game that I need to start moving the offense and taking control and making plays when they're there.

Q: Do things look much faster in your head when you're out there facing those guys than they did compared to last year?

A: I'm just still learning the game and still seeing what defenses do. Just trying to understand when certain blitzes are coming, whether they're playing man or zone and trying to figure out all of those things and trying to know where to go with the ball and trying to make the right decisions and then being accurate with the ball.

Q: Do you feel like you can't catch a break here when you're facing top defenses in the league every week?

A: Every week you play a team in the NFL, they're going to be a good team. They're going to have athletes and you never know who is going to come out one week and just play great or vice versa, so you just have to prepare hard each week and go out there and play your best.

Q: Feelings on the complaints about your offensive game plan and your offensive coordinator? Are they unfair?

A: Yeah, I think so. I think we have to execute the plan and a lot of that is on me by just getting the ball to the receivers and letting them make plays. I think Coach Hufnagel calls the plays and it's just a matter of us doing our job.

* * *

Tom Coughlin on Manning: "I am encouraged every day by his approach, his attitude, his ability. He is one of those guys that is being groomed the right way. He is here on Tuesday, for example, and studies at great length. He was here Thursday night until probably 8 or 8:30. He is being groomed properly that way. His physical ability but also his mental ability to comprehend an awful lot of things at one time. He is throwing some very, very nice deep balls.

"Where we have seen the inconsistency has been just the technical aspect of always having his feet set, always being able to shift his weight, always being able to step into the throw. The accuracy issue has been there. That is something that he has to accomplish. So, those are the things that are a challenge for a young quarterback, which he sees, understands and grasps. Hopefully, these opportunities, which are priceless, will pay off."

* * *

Kurt Warner's advice to Manning: "Even when he becomes that guy, the player everyone expects him to be, it's still not going to be easy every week. You're still going to have these times. You have to learn some of those things early in your career. Some things aren't going to work out. You fight through them and you press through them. Sometimes you have to win when you don't play your best game and when the guys around you aren't playing their best game."

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