Q&A with Ben Roethlisberger

<b>Q:</b> Have you ever thought how your life would be different if you had ended up in New York without the supporting cast and Eli in Pittsburgh with a supporting cast?

A: Luckily, I don't have to think about that. I'm here and he's there and I'm enjoying being here with the Steelers. I love this organization, the coaches, the owners, the team, and I'm very thankful for what I have here.

Q: Even with the supporting cast how surprising is it to you that you've had this success?

A: We go out every week and we play as hard as we can and we're a close team and we try to go out and play our best every week. I think every team, no matter who you play and who you are, you think you're the best on any given Sunday. We go out there and just try to play as hard as we can. We try not to surprise anybody with the other team.

Q: What kind of coaching or teaching have you gotten from your position coach?

A: I get a lot. We go over the offense all of the time and reads and looks. He doesn't really coach me mechanically wise with my skill but more just mentally.

Q: Do you feel for Eli at all in terms of what he's going through right now?

A: You know I have a lot to worry about down here and a lot to take care of playing football. Eli is up there and things will get better for him, he's a great quarterback. I have all of the confidence that he will improve the way things are going up there, but to me I don't have time to worry about other things except for what's going on here in Pittsburgh.

Q: Back during the draft there were a number of stories stating that the Giants were going to pick you and when they didn't you were disappointed. What indication did you have that they were going to pick you?

A: By no means was I disappointed in not going to the Giants. Everyone seemed to make a big deal about that, but I was just looking forward to the opportunity to play in the NFL. Whatever team that was I was going to go out there and try and do the best I could and I feel that I came to a great organization and a great team and I'm very happy with where I'm at now.

RE: The NFL was on your case about a religious belief and writing something on your cleats. Can you clarify this and do you also know that Kurt Warner has a similar point of view and have you ever talked to Kurt about it?

A: No, I've never talked to Kurt. I do know about Kurt's background and his beliefs. The NFL did say, "Don't write anything on your shoe," which is part of the uniform policy, which I complied with. I don't have it on my shoe anymore. It was just one of those things, you can't write anything on your shoe.

Q: Which part of the NFL game has come easiest to you?

A: Nothing has been easy at all. We've been working hard, I've been truly lucky to have the guys around me that I have and make my job a little bit easier, but by no means is any part of what I do and what we're doing out here easy.

Q: Do you have any advice for Eli about overcoming the frustrating start?

A: Like I said, he's a great quarterback and he's going to be a great quarterback and he will continue to develop. I'm not a veteran, so I can't sit here and give him advice.

Q: What kind of pressure do you have being 11-0 and a favorite in the playoffs?

A: You know, we don't think about any of that stuff. All we think about is going to the next game and that's New York. We think we're 0-0, no wins, no losses, and I think that's the way we've approached every week. We want to come out 1-0 every week and every week to us is the biggest game of the year. This week in New York against the Giants will definitely be the biggest game of the year for us.

Q: Any pressure on you specifically?

A: There's always pressure. That's part of being a professional athlete. There's always going to be fans, media, owners and coaches, and everyone wants you to win so there's always pressure. That comes along and it's part of the territory, and it's part of being a professional athlete so you have to learn how to deal with it.

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