Let the record show: Players ‘hate' Coughlin

Numerous Giants have told TGI that they "hate" playing for Tom Coughlin and that the club will never be successful as long as he's in charge.

"Guys absolutely hate Tom Coughlin," one Giant said. "He's not the type of coach we're going to go and put everything on the line for. Guys don't play for him; they play because they have to play and you're not going to win that way. Guys are absolutely miserable.

"Arguments go on every day in that building, cursing out between the players and the coaches."

"We will not win here when he's the coach," another veteran added. "It's coaches against the players. It's Coughlin against the coaches. Some of the coaches aren't shy to express that the second they can get out of here, they'll be gone. There's no team atmosphere or camaraderie."

Coughlin is feeling the heat of a lengthy losing streak, so much so that he actually asked his players to "stick up for him" when dealing with the media.

"He came into a meeting the other day and asked us to support him in the media," one veteran Giant said. "He's feeling the heat. He asked everybody to stand by him and support him and say the right thing. This from someone who supposedly doesn't pay attention to the media."

Coughlin's players are growing more and more angry over his impersonal, oftentimes downright rude treatment of them on a daily basis.

Coughlin called one of his starters a loser.

He questioned one of his toughest player's toughness.

While his players obviously don't enjoy playing for him, even Coughlin's coaches apparently can't stand him.

Most coaches have privately expressed displeasure with how they're overworked by Coughlin. One player joked, "Just because he can't sit still and relax, ever, doesn't mean all the coaches shouldn't be allowed to."

"These coaches can't wait to get out of here just like all of us," another veteran said.

It's no secret that the organization wasn't thrilled with Coughlin's inability to assemble the coaching staff that he had promised.

As for his mistreatment of his players, TGI has learned of several examples.

A few weeks back, Coughlin referred to one starter as a "loser."

"Coughlin knows at 5:30 or 6:30 in the morning who's practicing and who's not because (trainer) Ronnie (Barnes) puts the list out," one player explained. "He asked [the player] if he was practicing. [Coughlin] very well already knew [he] wasn't practicing. When [the player] said he wasn't going to go, Coughlin said, ‘that's what happens when the season gets tough. Guys don't want to practice or do anything. I see the losers coming out right now. I see the losers.'

"That's what he does to people, but then he wants that guy to go out there and kill himself for him. It's not going to happen."

Earlier in the year, Coughlin told Barrett Green that he had brought him in because he was a tough guy, but that he wasn't impressed with his toughness in the least.

Speaking of Green, it was Coughlin's overreaction to Green oversleeping during the bye week that really turned the whole team against him.

Coughlin fined Green the absolute maximum – $17,000 – when he showed up 90 minutes late for a bye-week meeting.

"That's when he really started to lose guys," one Giant said.

Coughlin's also famous for his team-oriented speeches, but most players say they can see right through them.

Coughlin berated one of his offensive linemen for a penalty that squelched a potential scoring drive. He told the lineman, "You cost me a touchdown." Coughlin didn't refer to the team, but himself instead.

"He might be preaching team, but it's all about Coughlin," one guy said. "Honestly everyone thinks the guy's crazy."

Another example of Coughlin's craziness came the night before the game in Baltimore. A handful of players were eating and apparently were laughing a little too loud for Coughlin's taste. He stormed out of the next room, where the club was holding a chapel service, and started yelling, expletives included.

"The guy even cursed coming out of chapel," another Giant said. "He just doesn't let up. He's constantly on you. He kills the spirit of guys that play the game. You're just not going to win that way."

Another complaint is that Coughlin doesn't at all try to relate to his troops on a personal level.

"He doesn't listen to his players, several vets have tried to talk to him," a veteran said. "Since he doesn't have any relationship with the players he doesn't know how to handle and motivate individual players."

Several Giants believe the damage is already done and that Coughlin's already lost control of the team – and has no hope of recovering it.

"Honestly, they might as well fire him now," one player said. "It's a shame because you know they won't. The players on this team have quit on him. That's a very strong word, but mark it down: this team has quit on him and quit really caring and quit listening to what Tom Coughlin has to say.

"He's already so far past the point of no return. I don't think guys will ever embrace him."

"Most guys are just hoping that either they'll be gone or he'll be gone after this season," another Giant said. "Guys just tune him out, ignore him and don't care what he says. They just want to play the season out and get it over with.

"He's already done too much crooked stuff to make it back."

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