Player Diary

I never could have imagined this season would have turned out the way it did. It really changes your outlook to where you just have to play it week to week. Early on, after week five or six, it was definitely the way I thought it would be. But we're where we are and we just have to deal with it. It's that simple.

This year hasn't gone for me the way I wanted it to either. It hasn't gone how I wanted it to at all. I can't really say it's been a lot of factors, but it's not the type of season that I usually look forward to and the type of season that I usually put up.

I'm a lot more comfortable now than a few weeks ago when I had to change positions. It was somewhat rough moving from free to strong safety with the adjustments and trying to keep everybody on the same page. It's difficult, but it's nothing that I haven't seen before.

The way we've had to handle some situations has made it pretty tough. It's mostly been Terry (Cousin) back there with me, but we have had a few different guys back there. Remember Terry's a corner coming in to play safety so some of the stuff like 'insert' and 'eight-man-in-the-box' type things, I just have to stay down more. It's just different. Looking at film, I have to look at two different perspectives at times.

Our secondary continues to have problems trying to get interceptions. Sometimes it really is just a matter of catching the ball. Other times it's that you don't have a lot of opportunities. We've definitely had our fair share of opportunities. You only get so many opportunities throughout the year to get interceptions and it's just a matter of taking advantage of each and every one of them.

It's really hurt all of us in the secondary because of all the injuries to the defensive line. It's big. Everything starts at the line of scrimmage. That's football 101. It's the guys down in the trenches where everything begins and ends. It's been extremely difficult. The guys filling in are playing hard and doing the best job they can with it, but it's just a difficult situation that we have to continue to work hard and battle through.

Losing to the Steelers was really disappointing, coming that close to beating a team that good and falling short was tough. From a secondary perspective it was really frustrating, because it fell into our hands. That was the type of game we could have stepped up and taken a couple picks that we could have turned into five or six. We also could have taken away a few of their big plays, and those things were the difference in the game. That's probably the most frustrating part, letting the rest of the team down when they all rose to the occasion they way that they did.

That roughing the passer call was by far the worst penalty that's ever been called on me in my career. No doubt. By far. I've had two or three penalties called on me this year. I've probably had more this year than the 11 other years combined. I guess it's just where the league is headed. There's obviously nothing you can do about it, but it makes you wonder what you're doing out there sometimes. You have to go out there and keep fighting and play as hard as you're allowed to play.

You never want to go out there and lose. There's always something to play for. I don't care what the situation is or how many games you've lost in a row. You're out there on the field and you're representing the Giants and representing yourself. There's never a point in time that you're out there and you just want to get the game over with.

I think it'd be huge if we could get at least one of these last two games. You need that taste of victory in your mouth. Winning is just as much knowing how to do it, as it is playing hard. You have to know how to win; know how and when to step up during the course of a game. You have to be ready for when those times arise during the game.

I'm trying not to even think about the offseason right now. I can't see that far ahead. Every offseason is a challenge for me. After 11 years, it's always a situation where I have to think my way through and kind of regroup. I'm just going to take my time with it right now. I just want to get through these last two games before I worry about anything else.

I really don't know for sure if I'll be back here next year. It's out of my hands. It's not my decision. If it were, I'd be back. That's not really a question. I signed a contract and I'll uphold my end of the bargain at all times. That's never a question. But I've been around long enough to know that anything's possible. Anything can happen.

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