Armstead, Holmes left out in cold

By Tuesday, the Giants finalized and submitted their five-man list of players for the Expansion Draft and there were a few surprises included. While the information will not become public knowledge until Friday, and the Giants had still not contacted three of the five exposed players, TGI got its hands on the list, which was headlined by...

LB Jessie Armstead and DE Kenny Holmes.

Armstead is due to make more than $4 million in 2002, and the Giants apparently decided to see if Houston will take him off their hands before asking him to take a reduction in pay. Armstead learned of his status from the media, before he was contacted by the Giants, and was understandably not thrilled about that fact. Holmes was shocked when told the news, but took it in stride.

 "If I'm not in New York next season, then I'll be a Houston Texan," he said. "Either way, I'll be playing end next season. "Hey, if the Buffalo Bills can let Bruce Smith go, then anything can happen in this game."

Also on the list were SS Sam Garnes, who was alerted by Head Coach Jim Fassel, and CB Dave Thomas and G Glenn Parker, neither of whom were surprises. The Giants can lose no more than two players in the Exansion Draft, which will be held on Feb. 18. Once one player is selected by the Texans, the Giants have the option of pulling back and protecting another. In other words, it's extremely likely that Big Blue will lose Armstead or Holmes, but not necessarily both.

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