The Wonders of the Wonderlic / Take the test

Get out your pencils and paper. It's test time, ladies and gentlemen. Your challenge today is the Wonderlic test, which is given annually to NFL draft prospects at the combine.

TGI was able to obtain some sample Wonderlic questions, and as you'll see, these aren't exactly third-grade level queries.

The test, which is used in countless professions, describes itself as the most accurate predictor of employment success. Test-takers are given 12 minutes to finish the 50 questions, which gradually increase in difficulty, then are given a score from zero to 50.

While the amount of weight given to Wonderlic results varies from team to team, Giants Director of Counseling Services Dr. Joel Goldberg doesn't like the test one bit – at least for football players.

"I don't think it's necessarily used well by the NFL," Dr. Goldberg told TGI. "I've still never seen a validation study that correlates success on that test to success in the NFL."

Goldberg continues to point out that most football learning is accomplished through repetition and has nothing to do with the cognitive skills that are measured by the Wonderlic.

"That doesn't show how well someone will perform on a football field or how quickly they'll learn," he said. "I wouldn't pay any mind whatsoever to the results."

For those that do, the only confirmed perfect score of 50 was turned in by former Bengals punter/receiver Pat McInally, who – no surprise here – attended Harvard.

John Holocek, a linebacker with the Bills, posted one of the next best scores in the last decade with a 43.

However one only has to look at 49ers star linebacker Julian Peterson, who scored a mere five, to see that the results don't always correlate.

Last season, Central Missouri's Roderick Green scored an unfathomable three, but was drafted by Baltimore in the fifth round, while Iowa DT Jared Klauss posted a 45, yet went undrafted.

This year's high score was an astronomical 47 posted by Texas A&M center Geoff Hangartner, who potentially might not even be drafted. Miami running back Frank Gore, who has a documented learning disability, only managed a six, yet is certain to go in the middle rounds. Utah QB Alex Smith showed himself very well with a Wonderlic score of 40.

Among the locals, Tiki Barber (30) and Michael Strahan (28) fared very well, while Jets counterparts Curtis Martin (18) and John Abraham (16) had a more difficult time with the Wonderlic.

Tom Brady (33) and Ricky Williams (30) both scored pretty well on the test, while New Giants receiver Plaxico Burress posted only a 15...

Despite a lack of a top pick, don't expect to see the Giants moving into the first round.

"It's very, very unlikely that we'll move up," GM Ernie Accorsi told TGI. "I don't want to give up picks or touch next year's draft."

Accorsi also squashed the most rampant Giants draft rumor – that the club was dangling CB Will Allen for a first round pick.

"I'm not sure where that one came from," Accorsi said, "but we haven't offered Will Allen to anyone."

Here are some sample questions from the Wonderlic test that was recently administered to NFL hopefuls.

1) Assume the first 2 statements are true. Is the final one? True, false, or not certain

The boy plays baseball. All baseball players wear hats. The boy wears a hat.

2) Paper sells for 21 cents per pad. What will 4 pads cost?

3) How many of the five pairs of items listed below are exact duplicates? Nieman, K.M. Neiman, K.M.
Thomas, G.K. Thomas, C.K.
Hoff, J.P. Hoff, J.P.
Pino, L.R. Pina, L.R.
Warner, T.S. Wanner, T.S.

4) PRESENT RESENT Do these words

1. Have similar meanings 2. Have contradictory meanings 3. Mean neither the same nor opposite?

5) A train travels 20 feet in 1/5 second. At this same speed, how many feet will it travel in three seconds?

6) When rope is selling at $.10 a foot, how many feet can you buy for sixty cents?

7) The ninth month of the year is

1. October 2. January 3. June 4. September 5. May

8) Which number in the following group of numbers represents the smallest amount?

7, .8, 31, .33, 2

9) In printing an article of 48,000 words, a printer decides to use two sizes of type. Using the larger type, a printed page contains 1,800 words. Using smaller type, a page contains 2,400 words. The article is allotted 21 full pages in a magazine. How many pages must be in smaller type?

10) Three individuals form a partnership and agree to divide the profits equally. X invests $9,000, Y invests $7,000, Z invests $4,000. If the profits are $4,800, how much less does X receive than if the profits were divided in proportion to the amount invested?

11) Assume the first two statements are true. Is the final one?

1. True. 2. False 3. Not certain

Tom greeted Beth. Beth greeted Dawn. Tom did not greet Dawn.

12) A boy is 17 years old and his sister is twice as old. When the boy is 23 years old, what will be the age of his sister?

1) True
2) 84 cents
3) 1
4) 3
5) 300 feet
6) 6 feet
7) September
8) .33
9) 17
10) $560
11) Not certain
40 years old

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