Giants may not lose anyone

On the eve of the expansion draft the Giants are pretty certain that they won't lose anyone to the Houston Texans. It appears that the only possible candidate to be taken is SS Sam Garnes, and even that doesn't appear likely.

Garnes's cap figure is too high for a pedestrian safety, according to league sources, while the other four players available - LB Jessie Armstead, DE Kenny Holmes, CB Dave Thomas and G Glenn Parker - will all return to the Giants' list of headaches once Monday's draft comes to a conclusion.

The big question is...What to do next?

New York will almost definitely release Thomas and Parker, as they were overpaid and underachieving last season. Holmes will be brought back, and they're hopeful of a strong 2002 campaign after his first year with the club was slowed by a knee injury and his inability to immediately grasp John Fox's intricate defensive technique.

As for Armstead, the club plans to ask him to take a pay cut (half?), and if he balks, they will release him. Armstead apparently has backed off his original statement that he'd never play for the Giants again upon hearing his name was included on the exposed list, and appears willing to return...IF he'll accept the Giants pay reduction. Stay tuned.

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