Q&A with Giants 2nd round draft pick Corey Webster

Q: How do you feel about coming to the Giants? <br><br> A: I feel great about it. I came down on my visit and really got comfortable with the coaches, had a good sit-down and meeting with them and I feel good.

Q: The Giants are saying that if you had came out after your junior year you would have been a top 15 pick, how come you stayed?

A: I didn't think I was ready. I stayed to further my education and got a degree. I stayed for those reasons and also because I liked the team camaraderie. There was no need for me to come out in a rush or anything like that. I stayed in and I think it worked for the best and now I'm with the Giants.

Q: Did you ever think you made a mistake after you got injured early this year?

A: No, sir. I was always taught to not have any regrets. I didn't regret anything. I just know everything happens for a reason. I strongly believe that. I just think everything took its course and it worked itself out for the best.

Q: Can you talk about the nature of your injuries?

A: I had a PCL that kind of gave me a drop foot. That was the biggest thing that I had and a drop foot that didn't allow me to plant quite like I wanted to so it slowed me down. It slowed me down a few steps. For pro day when they came to work me out, I was just so happy to be healthy again. I went out and did my very best and a lot of people were really impressed with how I performed on my pro day. That was really the biggest injury the drop foot.

Q: Was the drop foot caused by the PCL problem?

A: Yes, sir. I had a sprained PCL, nothing major but the little swelling that I did have in my knee gave me a drop foot. It kind of compressed my nerves.

Q: Did you have an elbow injury?

A: No, sir.

Q: Did the PCL bother you the whole year pretty much?

A: Yes, sir, the whole year. What it really did was give me a drop foot and I couldn't plant like I wanted to. I couldn't plant strong because I would roll my ankle. So I really had to watch how I was planting. It kind of slowed me down a few steps. I've been working on it with the trainers at LSU and it has gotten back to where it needs to be.

I couldn't raise my foot up or down. I had no control whatsoever of my foot. That was my right foot.

RE: Coach Coughlin

A: I met Coach Coughlin when I came there on my visit. I just know he's a real nice guy, kind of a Coach Saban type guy, because he demands excellence from you. I think that will give me an edge because I've been under Coach Saban and he's one of those guys, hard-nosed, get-after-you and wants the best out of his players.

Q: When you left your workout did you think you had shown enough to get into the first round?

A: I just knew I had to go out and do my very best at my workout and everything else would take its course. I had to do what I could, which was my very best at everything that I could control. I could control the workout and I went out and I had a great workout but I didn't control the draft. I just did whatever I could with the things I could control. I had no control over the draft but I thought I did pretty good.

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