Post-Practice, Session I, Rookie Minicamp

Q: How was it? ------- A: It was okay. Some of it was okay. This is the first time out for a lot of guys and naturally you have to judge the pace according to be able to get our work done.

But we came out, we didn't expect it to be below 0, but it is good to be outside. And it was good to have them all together. I think we will make some progress now after the first one is in.

Q: How much do you expect to get from them on the first day out? Do you expect that much?

A: Well, you are looking for it. You are trying to see who can handle it, who can handle all of the information that they got in their meetings this morning and come out on the field and put it into play. Who has the poise. Who listens well. Who takes instruction well. All of that stuff is important.

Q: Did anyone surprise you out here in particular?

A: I don't think so. Not yet. I had a good feeling for the drafted guys. I had a feeling for a lot of the college free agents. I think they are an excited group. We read them some stats last night. Some 56 college free agents made rosters in early September last year. So there is a great opportunity for these kids. They just have to realize it.

Q: What did you think of Brandon Jacobs and how big he is at the position of running back?

A: Well, that is why he is here. That is one of the reasons he is here. Again, he is capable of more, I think. We are just going to keep working towards that. He is in very good shape, takes real good care of himself. He is very interested. He is very anxious and wants to do things, wants to try, wants to take the reps. Those are all good signs.

Re: Brandon Jacobs. Very few people have seen a back that big, that tall. He is breaking some barriers as such a tall running back.

A: Well, he is not only tall, he is large. He is carrying a lot weight, but he is carrying it very well. His strength is outstanding and he has done a really good job with his body. So let's just see where we go with this thing. He is a big strong athlete who has good speed and has the desire to want to be a football player and certainly he is going to have every opportunity.

Re: A pass rusher like Justin Tuck lasting until the third round

A: Probably because of his senior year when he was coming off the injury. He had flashed in games. He probably didn't have the kind of year that he normally would have had. He had 13 ½ sacks as a third-year player and then came into this year with, I believe, eight sacks. So that is a good question. But we are glad it happened and worked out that way.

Q: Could you talk about Corey Webster? Did you focus a little more on him because he is the top draft pick?

A: We have got to have a chance to really do some more things before you can really take a hard look at those corners. It wasn't an ideal day for that. It was the first day outside, the first day throwing the ball. Certainly Corey is in a position where all eyes are on him and he is looking forward to it. And those are all good things. But it will take a while before you can really evaluate that spot for anybody right now. The throwing game, of course, is going to be probably the slowest thing that we have going for us right now. Hopefully we will make some progress with it.

Q: Is there a learning curve for these guys on day one? Matt Lovecchio (a quarterback in camp as a tryout player) is a local guy. How much wiggle room do you give a guy the first day, the first couple of days of mini camp?

A: Well, as I say, you are always trying to discover how well they can handle it. It is a whole new experience for them, a whole new language. They are coming from an environment that they were very comfortable in. They are back into that environment where they are not sure of themselves. This is all new. The veterans aren't here. That is one thing that you can look at it two ways. One, if the veterans were here they certainly could follow them, get in line and follow. But here they have to lead. They have to be the guys out front and how they handle that is going to be real important.

Q: Work load on quarterbacks Jared Lorenzen and Lovecchio

A: Well, we want to get Lorenzen as much work as we can. So that is probably not going to be anything but good news for him. He is going to get as many snaps as he can possibly handle. Certainly in this camp it will be the same way. Matt is here; Matt worked out for us and is here and we are going to share the load between the two of them. But as many snaps as we can get for Jared, I think he is going to benefit.

Q: Lorenzen – compare last year to this year

A: Let's see, let's give it a chance. He hasn't really had an awful lot of throwing time. They have been on their own a couple days of week. They have been working. He has been in some meetings. But let's give him a chance.

Q: How about physically; he has had weight issues in the past; is he where you would like him to be?

A: No, but he is working hard at it and he has made real good progress. He is taking the responsibility for that himself. I think he is showing pretty good ability to head in the right direction. So, again, let's see where he can go with this.

Q: Are you concerned about that situation right now?

A: Yeah, I am concerned about it, but we are going to see how this works out.

Re: Jim Miller medical update following surgery to remove loose bodies from his hip

A: Well, I have been seeing him every day. So I have an update everyday on his condition. He is doing well, but it is going to take some time.

Q: On a positive note, Jeremy Shockey came up and worked out in your program. Was it nice to see him make an appearance and work out with Eli?

A: Yes.

Q: Did you say anything to him?

A: Certainly I said something to him when he came in. But that is between Jeremy and I. He is in good shape, he looks good. His body weight is right there. He is as strong as he has ever been. He feels good. He worked out last week a couple of times with the quarterbacks. They have been going out on their own and working. So those are all real good things.

Q: Did you express a desire for him to come back?

A: Absolutely, to be with his teammates and to work hard. We have to get on the field. These guys have got to get out on the field now. It is May and it is time to get back into the football and study the past and look forward to the future and to get to know each other very well. Of course, that goes for everybody. This is the time of the year when it is important for all of the players to be here.

Re: Ryan Grant.

A: He appears to be a real smart kid and he jumped in there at a couple of different spots and he is anxious. Those are all good things and the fact that it is local for him, of course, makes it all that more important to him.

Q: Diamond Ferri on offense at all?

A: We are going to look at him on defense and special teams right now.

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