Accorsi's Analysis

Here's what Giants GM Ernie Accorsi had to say about his four draft picks.

Corey Webster: "He was the target going into the draft for obvious reasons. Had he not been injured last year, he was a top 15 pick in my opinion. He has everything – speed and size. Someone quoted that he had a slow time at Indianapolis. He didn't even run at Indianapolis. He ran at Baton Rogue, which was his only workout. He announced then that he was 100 percent. He went out and ran in the 4.4s. He has speed, he has size. He's a first-round talent. He just has to stay healthy, that's the only thing."

Justin Tuck: "Tuck is almost like Webster – he wouldn't have been a top 15 pick – but he's someone who got hurt. He's a big, tall, angular pass rusher. You know you can never get enough of them. He'll get bigger, but you wouldn't want him to get too big because you don't want him to lose his speed and have it affect his pass-rushing ability. He gives us some help where we really need it. We have two outstanding starters (Michael Strahan, Osi Umenyiora), but you need more than that, as far as pass rushers."

Brandon Jacobs: "He's the most intriguing pick. He was at Auburn and they were going to try to move him for obvious reasons. Red Grange would have transferred if he was there with those two guys (Ronnie Brown, Cadillac Williams). He played with two other guys and gained close to 1,000 yards and averaged 6.6 yards a carry and had 19 touchdowns in a rotation. He's a halfback. We did not draft him as a fullback or an H-back. He should solve our short-yardage woes, which were terrible the last couple years. But that's not all he is though. He's a halfback. He's big, but he has that kind of body and style."

Eric Moore: "In style and body and everything else, he's very similar to Tuck. He's a tall, angular player. They have so much talent down there (Florida State), they rotate people. He's got a chance to be a pretty good pass rusher. Of course you have to stop the run or it's going to be a long afternoon. But if you can't get on the passer and cover the receivers, those are touchdowns. We helped ourselves because we got a cover corner, who can play right away, and two ends that have pass rush ability. We had a high grade on him, but we knew he could slip. When you get down that low, you're surprised anyone you want is there. He's a pass rusher."

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