Grade ‘A' offseason for Accorsi, Giants rolls on

Considering the Giants only came away with four players in this recent draft, it's practically impossible to give them an ‘A.' However, when you factor in franchise quarterback Eli Manning and guard Jason Whittle as part of this draft class – as well as take into consideration New York signed four starters this offseason – it's actually impossible not to give them an ‘A.'

"We had nine major acquisitions this offseason, these four picks and five major free agents," GM Ernie Accorsi said. "Everybody is in their 20s, which was a major consideration for us. In that whole group there are no stopgaps."

Tom Coughlin was similarly pleased coming out of the war room.

"The value was there for all of our picks," he said. "As a matter of fact, it was a very good value, we felt. When you start with Webster and you go to Justin and then so on with Brandon and then right down the line here, you find that the value was good. The opportunity for us to pick up a quality football player – in Eric's case, a very strong value in that sixth round where we had an opportunity to pick."

TGI's take? We love it as well. For the first time in a long time, you leave the draft without scratching your head over at least one of the picks. Could they have gone another route with the sixth pick? Sure. It would have been nice to see an OT or speed receiver grabbed there. But they went from having absolutely no depth at DE to having backups at each spot.

Starting with top pick Webster, the need/value combo on him is off the charts. He can and will make an instant impact on defense. Even if there are growing pains, as expected, at least the kid can catch the ball.

Webster totally won the Giants over at his March 31 workout.

"First of all, he got out there and ran fast (in the 4.4s)," Giants director of player personnel Jerry Reese said. "He ran fast for us and then all the drills, the ball drills and change of direction drills, all of them were spectacular and he looked outstanding. He looked big and strong."

Tuck and Moore fill an obvious need. The depth cupboard at DE was bare after the starting tandem and even if one of these guys could contribute big this year, the Giants will be much better off than they were.

The other obvious depth upgrade came in the fourth round. Accorsi admitted he was sick at the thought of having someone else take Brandon Jacobs before the Giants turn. He got his man. Say what you will about Jacobs' weight and his ability to be Tiki Barber's long-term replacement. Those are both very much in question.

But on a team that hasn't converted a third-and-short since Gary Brown was around, you have to like what's coming out of Jacobs' mouth.

When asked if he preferred to go around or through defenders, Jacobs responded, "It's six points no matter which way I choose to go. I think I'm going to go over him, though. You're on the goal line. Don't slow down. Just get in any way you can without slowing down. That's my natural instinct.

"Mentally you have to have the will to get it. There's nothing anybody should be able to do to you to stop you."

Accorsi knows the Giants have been extremely lucky with what they've gotten out of Barber of late. He believes Jacobs' presence will only extend Barber's shelf life.

"We need to get someone to get Tiki some rest," Accorsi said. "Tiki has really beaten every odd. He's gotten older, faster and stronger and better. That usually doesn't happen at that position."

Just like the Giants don't usually complete a draft without at least one head-scratcher.

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