Tisch added to mix

Tisch, a son of the team's co-owner Robert Tisch, is a Los Angeles-based movie producer who made "Forrest Gump" and 20 other films but had little involvement with the team until last year when he moved to New York to oversee his father's cancer treatments.

Since then he has represented his family's 50-percent stake in the Giants in negotiations with the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority for a new stadium.

Tisch has been working closely with John Mara, the club?s executive VP and COO, regarding the planning and construction of a new stadium at the Meadowlands.

Mara told TGI that there was ?nothing new to report,? regarding the new stadium.

Barber?s Israeli vacation: Giants Pro Bowl running back Tiki Barber spent five days in Israel in late June on an invitation from former Prime Minister Shimon Peres. Barber spent most of his time in Israel visiting sports programs managed by the Peres Center for Peace, a project that brings Israelis and Palestinians together through sports.

There he met and spoke with countless youngsters ? even teaching them how to throw a football.

?I?d like to work toward providing young people and older people with opportunities to see something else, allowing them to have ideas in their heads they never would have thought about,? he said.

Barber?s trip to Israel resulted from a chance meeting he had with Peres in Manhattan. On March 18, the Barbers celebrated their son Chason?s first birthday with a dinner at Tao, one of their favorite restaurants near their East Side home. Several friends, including former Giant Ron Stone and his wife and Jesse Palmer, were at the party. As they ate, a large entourage that included several security guards entered the restaurant. Barber soon learned the head of the group was Peres.

?One of Peres? assistants came over and said, ?Mr. Peres would like to meet you,?? Barber said. ?I said, ?Okay, cool.? So we went over there, we met and talked for a little bit. He said, ?You should come to my country some time.? I said, ?Maybe I?ll take you up on that.? So I gave him my number.?

While in Israel, Barber learned that ?Tiki? is a nickname for someone named "Tikvah," which is Hebrew for hope.

"I think hope is a wonderful thing," he said. "I think it gets you through strife. It lets you believe there's a better day in front of you. But I also think, and we say this in sports sometimes, it's not enough to hope. You have to believe.

"If you go into a game just kind of hoping that you're going to win, you probably won't. But if you go into a game believing that you're going to win, your chances for success are much, much better.

"Hope is a starting point, but it's not the ultimate catalyst for success."

Sitting it out: The Giants passed in the supplemental draft on July 14. Big Blue, by virtue of winning a weighted lottery, had the top overall pick, but obviously didn?t deem anyone worthy of it.

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