$trahan $aga Continues

All Pro Michael Strahan never expected to be in damage control before the season even started. But when he and his agent rejected the Giants contract offer in February, they didn't realize how strong GM Ernie Accorsi's resolve was to fix the Giants salary cap woes. When Strahan cried foul, there wasn't a sympathetic ear in the house...

When DE Michael Strahan rejected the Giants offer sheet in February, he probably didn't realize GM Ernie Accorsi was ready for a game of hardball.

Accorsi went on record saying he was going to get the Giants out of salary cap trouble, and would not mortgage the teams' future. To that end, the organization let it be known that both Strahan and Collins would be allowed to play out their contracts. Both players become free agents after the 2002 season.

And why not? It's a good strategy. Strahan is coming off a career year, took the sack record, and dominated in almost every way. There is a good chance he'll have a good season, but not another NFL record breaker. And contract negotiations could be a lot easier on the Giants with that stellar season one year behind him.

The issue for Strahan is the guaranteed money, not the annual salary. In February Strahan's agent, Tony Agnone reject the offer of $58.1 million over seven years.

When the Giants stopped negotiating with the All Pro, he declared that "this season is going to be my last one here" and threatened to leave.

Strahan has somewhat damaged his image. Since going public with his frustration, he's been disturbed to hear that some people are thinking he's being greedy. The Giants' offer, he countered, is only for $300,000 a year more than he's now making.

There is no doubt Giants fans love Michael Strahan, but when a guy makes more money in a signing bonus than the average season ticket holder makes in their lifetime, its hard to have sympathy for the big guy.

The $trahan $aga continues...

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