Barber Defends Big Blue

RB Tiki Barber defended the Giants organization and had plenty to say about the Michael Strahan contract negotiations. Strahan is already one of the highest paid players in the league, yet balked at the generous offer the Giants put on the table.

RB Tiki Barber had plenty to say about the recent media flurry, surrounding the contract negotiations of DE Michael Strahan.

Paul Schwartz of the NY Post talked with Barber about the situation, and said "You got to realize no single player, I don't care how good you are, how many sacks you had or how many yards you've rushed for, is bigger than the team, period. Michael is not thinking about the team; he's thinking about himself."

Since no contact is guaranteed year to year, Strahan was concerned that the $17 million signing bonus, which was part of a $58 million dollar over seven year deal, was split into two years. Strahan would receive $10 million this year and $7 million the next year.

Barber reminded us that he, CB Jason Sehorn and Amani Toomer also had signing bonuses paid over two years. Barber said the money was as good as guaranteed, because the promise came from owner Wellington Mara.

We think it's time Strahan stops listening to his agent, and starts acting like a team leader.

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