One Giant Soap Opera

The Giants public relations team must be asleep at the wheel. The Michael Strahan contract negotiations have turned into a three ring circus. Its a tale of mistrust, secretive trade talks, press conferences, contracts, refusals and commentary from players who shouldn't be involved. Most of all, it's all about money...

Will someone please step in and stop this madness! The Michael Strahan situation has turned Big Blue into a Giant soap opera.

It started in February then Strahan turned down the Giants whopping contract extension offer. In that deal, the signing bonus would be paid out over two years. Strahan would receive $10 million this year and $7 million the next year.

Since no contact is guaranteed, Strahan was concerned that he would cut or released prior to receiving the second part of his signing bonus.

When Strahan refused the contract, the Giants withdrew the offer, deciding instead to let him play out his contract and worry about free agents that they might potentially lose, such as Safety Shaun Williams.

When the Giants broke off contract discussions, Strahan bristled and declared that this would be his final year in New York.

He quickly recanted the statement, instead saying he wanted to stay in New York, but was questioning the teams' committment to put a winning season together.

Yesterday, Tiki Barber commented on the contract negotiations of DE Michael Strahan, questioning his judgement in dealing with the situation, noting that he, CB Jason Sehorn and Amani Toomer also had signing bonuses paid over two years.

The NY Post quoted Barber as saying "... no single bigger than the team, period. Michael is not thinking about the team; he's thinking about himself."

Now CBS Sportline is reporting that the Giants tried to shop Strahan prior to the contract negotiations, claiming several general managers and coaches present at the owners meeting confirmed that New York began making calls to jettison their star shortly after February's Pro Bowl.

And now, DT Keith Hamilton has joined in the soap opera! The Star-Ledger is reporting that Hamilton SLAMMED Barber and praised Strahan. They quoted Hamilton as saying "(Barber) hasn't been here long enough or done enough to say anything. For him to shoot his mouth off, acting like he's Mr. New York, yeah, I'm ticked off. Strahan is the (NFL) single-season sack record-holder. He's the AP Defensive Player of the Year. He's one of the best -- if not the best -- defensive ends in the game. And you tell me this guy is being greedy? That's a bunch of crap. I've heard enough. "

The Mistress of the Meadowlands says this three ring circus has got to end. It's distracting and damaging to the team. Head coach Jim Fassel must be asleep at the wheel, and if someone doesn't wake up and take control of the Big Blue bus, surely, it's going to crash...

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