Giants report to Albany – player reaction

One by one, the Giants reported to Albany Thursday night or Friday morning. They had to be in town by 1 p.m. Friday for their conditioning test. Here's a sampling of who had to say what as they prepared for the first day of practice.

Eli Manning: "I feel confident about coming here to do my job. I've got a lot of work to do. I've got a lot to learn, a lot to improve on, but I'm excited about being here, excited about getting started and getting to work. I do feel more relaxed this year coming into it. I know what to expect and have a feel for the offense and this year not having another guy who you're competing with and trying to outdo. We can work on things to influence me and to better help the coaches to see what I like and see what things I do well and the things I don't do well, to stay away from those things. You can center the offense a little bit around things that I like to do and don't like to do."

Will Allen: "I'm just looking forward to getting back out here and working at our trade, working at what we do, and trying to get better as a team. Whatever we're going to be come January, it all starts now. I think that's why you have to be excited about this time of year."

Gibril Wilson: "Totally different. I feel totally different. Last year I didn't know what to expect. It was just kind of overwhelming a little bit. This year is kind of a little different. I'm more comfortable. I know what my role is and I know what I have to do. So it's night and day."

Rich Seubert: "No I'm not limited at all. I'll be doing everything like everybody else. I don't want to be limited. I don't want to be looked at like he just came back from a broken leg. I don't want any of that stuff. I want to be out there proving that I can play, with everyone watching and seeing that I can."

Antonio Pierce: "I'm not nervous, I've been with them for the last four or five months, working out with them and stuff. I'm more nervous about getting the season started. I'm going to get ready and I want to get off to a good start. I know I got the defense down. I know the guys on the defensive part. I need to get used to the offense and get familiar with them. This is a season, we're going to have our ups and downs. We'll battle through this week, and I think I'll get to know everyone. "You have to pace yourself, you know. You can't have your ups and downs. You can't go out one day and give it your all, and then go out the next and have it be a bust. I just need to have a steady pace."

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