Jessie blasts Giants

It was no surprise that Jessie Armstead had nothing good to say about the Giants when the Redskins opened their mini-camp in Virginia Tuesday. However, no one could have expected Armstead to still be this upset with his former employers.

Here are a few quotes Armstead gave Jody Foldesy of Warpath Tuesday morning.

"Just like The Gladiator – that's how I picture my whole deal. They threw him out; cast him out. You resurface. It wasn't no effect. I just wish the Giants organization wouldn't be such cowards. Be a man about the situation. Give me respect. Give me a call.

"You don't have to hide. One thing I give credit to Mr. Snyder (Redskins Owner Daniel) and guys like (Dallas Owner) Jerry Jones, they step up and say, ‘Hey, this is my team. I'm making the decisions.'

"Don't sit there and let it leak out to the media before you talk to the player. They let it leak out because there's only three people who know what's going on. It was personal. Don't say it was a salary cap move. You would have saved money by keeping me there. Let's tell the truth: it was personal, and leave it at that. Don't lie to the fans and say it was a salary cap move to make it seem like it was justified. You did what you did. It's your team. You can do anything you want to do. Call a player and let him know what's going on. That's a cowardly move. I deal with you like a man; you deal with me like a man."

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