Who's Hot, Who's Not

HOT: Plaxico Burress – Bouncing back from not only a hyperextended knee, but a sprained ankle as well during his first practice and not missing any time? Boy, is that ever a way to make a good impression on Tom Coughlin. Burress excites everyone every time he touches the ball. He's enormous.

Rich Seubert – Everyone is pulling for Seubert to win the starting left guard job, and he sure looks like he's going to give it a good run. He doesn't look any worse for wear after missing close to two seasons after that gruesome broken leg he suffered. His experience and leadership are sorely lacking on this line.

Amani Toomer – A slimmed down Toomer has looked great so far. He seems to be re-energized by his good health and the position change to flanker.

Brandon Jacobs – Boy is he ever going to be popular – and good too. So far everything Jacobs has done has been impressive. You definitely take notice when he has the ball in his hands.

Tim Carter – If he can only stay healthy, he's an excellent receiver. Carter catches everything around him and has the speed to go the distance on every play. Now he just needs to make it through a full season.

Mark Jones – Heading into camp, all the buzz was about how Jones needed to be replaced at punt returner. So far, he's done enough in the drills to warrant not only his spot atop the depth chart at ‘PR,' but even a mild endorsement from Coughlin. He's also made a few solid catches along the way.

Damane Duckett – He's played well enough early on that he's even gotten a few first-team snaps when they've rested Fred Robbins. Duckett could be the one DT that steps up and makes a name for himself. There's certainly a spot for it.

Shaun O'Hara's girlfriend – The nurse when O'Hara was in the hospital last season with a staph infection, O'Hara's stunningly beautiful main squeeze has been turning heads while attending practices during the first week. O'Hara's looked good at center as well – just not that good.

NOT: Ahmad Childress – Not being able to make it through the conditioning test is not the right foot to start on. Kind of surprising that he's even still on the roster.

Shaun Williams – Came to camp hoping to fight for a starting spot. Found out then that he's running well behind the two starters. Cautioned not to count him out just yet. Hard-hitting run-stuffer's pass coverage appears to be more of a liability now than ever.

Tim Hasselbeck – Of course we're going to give the new guy a chance to learn the system. But it's not hard to see that his passes aren't usually on the mark and he doesn't appear to have the strongest of arms as well.

William Joseph – When he takes snaps, it's usually with the third team. After watching him, you quickly realize why.

Frank Walker – He's not going to go down without a fight, but Walker sure seems to have been passed over in the sub defenses by Curtis Deloatch and it's likely only a matter of time until Corey Webster is taking his nickel corner reps.

Kevin Lewis – There just seems to be too many younger, cheaper, faster, more athletic linebackers on the roster to envision Lewis sticking around. However, he's been counted out several times before.

Wayne Lucier – Injuries are part of the game. But so is losing ground on the depth chart when you're injured. Here's hoping Lucier's out of his boot sooner rather than later.

Art Thomas – His very brief Giants career ended the second the club signed Corey Webster. Talk about walking on thin ice.

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