Giants players get rough with Jets

Reaction from Giants players

Rich Seubert

Q: It got pretty feisty out there. Was that to be expected?

A: Rich Seubert: Yeah, that's part of football. You get two teams together, going hard, we both want to do well, and that's what happens. Nothing really happened, it happens every day in practice for us, it seems like. It was a little scuffle, we split up evenly, and we finished practice.

Q: How did you feel out there today? I know it was more contact than Coach Coughlin expected. How did it feel getting into some real contact with another team?

A: It felt fine. Seeing other guys, I went up against Lance (Legree) quite a bit today. Seeing a different defense, seeing different movements is fun. It's fun to be back out there going up against someone besides yourself. Beating up on yourself gets old, beating up on the same guy gets old and I'm looking forward to a good practice this afternoon.

Kareem McKenzie Q: Were you surprised about the extra-curricular activity during this morning's practice?

A: No, I was not surprised at all. It's the first time this year that you can go out there and hit somebody in a different color jersey and you have to stick up for the guys you know.

Eli Manning

Q: Are you surprised that things got out of hand, on just the second play of that practice?

A: That's football for you. There are a lot of guys coming in here, a lot of new guys, and you try and eliminate those things but sometimes they happen. They also happen when we go against ourselves some times. People get intense, but that's just football; but hopefully we will try and eliminate that.

Q: Are you surprised about how fast it took to escalate to that point?

A: When you get guys who are getting hit and it is full speed and you don't like to see tackling to the ground, but a guy will give an extra shove here and there and things can turn bad quickly. Right now it is a physical game and both teams are trying to hit, but you don't like to see fights happen and you don't want to see guys get injured right now.

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