Midway through camp, what's the buzz?

Paul Schwartz: Seeing the Jets defensive backs smack around everything wearing blue was naturally distressing to the Giants, but that doesn't mean that these combined practices should be done away with. Just the opposite. Sure, the Jets acted like pseudo tough guys – sort of the way Kenny does when he makes one of his lame points – with their tackling tactics and "that's the way we practice'' rationale.

But the affair served as a good wake-up call for the Giants, a reminder that they have to ratchet up their intensity. Check out the action around the league whenever two teams scrimmage in the summer: Fights galore. Two weeks into camp, players need someone else to pound on, someone else to run routes against, someone else to challenge. As long as the Jets are willing to schlep all the way to Albany these combined workouts should continue. No doubt, Tom Coughlin was ticked that Jets defensive coordinator Donnie Henderson barked at him and didn't heed his plea to tone down his troops. But when Coughlin analyzed the film, he must have seen the benefits of going against someone else. I say this event happens again next year.

Ken Palmer: Apparently you haven't been around Tom Coughlin long enough. Does the phrase ‘my way or the highway' mean anything to you? Sure the Giants will hold joint practices or even scrimmage with someone next camp – it just absolutely, positively won't be the Jets. While the Giants might have come out of the whole Jets fiasco looking a little timid and meek, the bottom line is that Coughlin didn't get what he wanted out of the deal. When that happens, the deal gets broken or altered. Just ask Norman Hand. Next summer the Giants fans willing to trek up to Albany will see some excitement, but it's going to come from the Giants and the Patriots – or the Bills. Giants officials might have already begun placing calls for practice partners for next year. The Bills just got blown off by the Packers for next summer so they're free, and the Pats could very well stop down for a couple days en route to East Rutherford for next year's exhibition matchup. No doubt Coughlin would have no problem getting on the same page as Bill Belichick. They're the same person, minus the three titles of course. Mark my words, Paul. There will be no Jets sighting in Albany next summer. Just you at the frozen yogurt machine.

PS: OK, tough guy, you made your point (which was pointless, as usual). I know your intuitive (is that too big a word for you?) skills are limited but even you could notice that William Joseph is running with the first team on the defensive line. Yes, Kenny, he wears No. 94, which you would know if you didn't arrive at every morning practice looking through bloodshot eyes (Too much film study the night before, I presume). We all know what a non-factor Joseph has been in his first two years but I've just got to believe there's something there worth trying to unleash. Just because the guy won't talk to anyone in the media doesn't mean we should bury him. The Giants weren't the only team that had him rated as a first-round talent. If the Giants can inspire him, maybe they can dust off the skills that have thus far been kept well hidden. It's a gamble worth taking. Damane Duckett and Kenderick Allen are hard-working guys who belong in the rotation, not in the starting lineup. Fred Robbins played fairly well last year but he's not the run-stopper the Giants need. Can Joseph do it? It sure looks like we're going to find out, and that's a good thing.

KP: Boy Paul, hurry up and try to catch the turnip truck before it turns the corner. William Joseph has less chance of succeeding than the Jets do of being invited back to Albany after they came in and kicked the Giants around. Agreed that Joseph does deserve a chance; similarly that his non-speaking ways shouldn't be held against him. But we have to look no further than Ron Dayne to see what happens when you hold onto a bust too long. He just takes up space and gets in the way, preventing others from progressing. Kendrick Clancy is the main gun at DT and Fred Robbins, with Coughlin clearly trying to light a fire under him, is the other guy. Behind them are interesting youngsters like Duckett, Allen and Jonas Seawright. Continuing to waste reps on Joseph only takes away from what one or some of those guys could become. By the way, the bloodshot eyes come compliments of having to proofread your stories.

PS: Once again, your ability to turn sense into nonsense amazes me. Let's move onto the offensive line, where I'm sure I can teach you a thing or two about the way things work. I just know you're going to analyze the left guard spot in that superficial way you've perfected and conclude that Rich Seubert deserves to start over David Diehl. Try coming back to reality for a moment – or is a fantasy world a better place for you, considering the plight of the Phillies and Penn State in the real world? Diehl in his two seasons has started every single game, all 32, and that sort of durability and consistency doesn't get cast aside. Showing up ready to go is sometimes half the battle. Now Diehl is back where he belongs, at guard, and there's no reason to believe he won't be a solid, reliable player. No one is pulling for Seubert's comeback more than me. The guy is tough, funny and a winner and if he clearly out-performs Diehl this summer by all means make him the starter. Seubert brings feistiness the Giants need but Diehl gives them something just as valuable. You can count on him to show up, much like you can set your clock to the exact time Kenny marches into the training camp cafeteria to chow down for the all-you-can-eat extravaganza he calls lunch.

KP: Nothing against Diehl at all, because he's been solid as rock, but Seubert brings the veteran leadership that was so sorely lacking on this line since he went down. There's no one on the line willing and/or capable of rallying the troops, of truly leading the way when the going gets tough. Diehl will be playing his third spot in three years. Who's to say it will even agree with him? Seubert was quickly becoming one of the game's top guards before the broken leg. Fortunately for the Giants and their fans, coach Coughlin is light years ahead of Paul in the football category. Not only will Seubert's insertion into the starting five make the unit better, but with everybody and their mother pulling for Seubert, the late-camp decision will give the entire team an emotional lift.

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