Coach Tom Coughlin Conference Call: 8-21-05

Opening Statement: I can say right off the bat that right now Eli's going through a series of tests. They've done tests on him today. We're calling it a sprain, the x-ray was negative. I don't have any more information.

Opening Statement Continued: I'm sure that Dr. Warren, who is not going to be able to see Eli until the morning, is going to give him a full analysis and look at all the information and see how the elbow is tomorrow before anything further can be said.  Our situation right now is that we're waiting until the complete examination is concluded and that will have to wait until Dr. Warren is available to see Eli tomorrow morning.

Question:  What about Will Peterson?
Answer:  Will Peterson has an MCL sprain and we don't know the real seriousness of it.  I'll know more when I have a chance to speak with Ronnie Barnes as to how long and so on and so forth; that's what I mean, I can't tell you.
Q:  How did Eli hurt his arm?  Was it on that Peppers play?
A:  Yes, it was on the Peppers play.
Q:  What's your level of concern about Eli? 
A:  I'm very concerned.  Any time you have a quarterback who has soreness in an elbow, there is concern there about what is the injury.  It's not like he woke up the next morning and he's out there throwing or you were getting all kinds of reports that there's nothing to it.  I don't know anything.  We're not going to have any information until Dr. Warren sees him.
Q:  Did you talk to him today?
A:  I have not talked to Eli.  I've talked to Ronnie Barnes.
Q:  Wouldn't it be an indication that he was in fact able to throw the ball quite a distance, so there must be some good news coming?
A:  Well, I hope so. That's what we're counting on.  I'm hoping and counting on it being some type of a bruise or some kind of a sprain. To what degree, I don't know, but he did turn around and throw a touchdown pass right after that.  There was concern because of the way he felt after the game.
Q:  Do you wish he had said something a little sooner to you about how he felt just so you could have been a lot more conscious?
A:  Well, I didn't really know anything about it until halftime.  He did think that it felt okay to throw. That's what he mentioned after the game, but I really didn't have any idea, even that there was any concern, until halftime.
Q:  What's your level of concern with the way he's been protected so far this preseason.  It seems like it was only a matter of time before he got a hit like that and he was injured. 
A:  My level of concern is always for the protection because we're trying to improve our situation over a year ago in terms of number of sacks and being able to protect the quarterback, particularly under pressure situations.  That's been my concern.  This situation right here is one of those things that you wish would not occur.  You try not to allow anybody near the quarterback during practice because you don't want any interruption with the arm action, the throwing arm action.  This is one of those things where the ball actually was picked clean off the back of the throw before, it looked to me before, he started forward.  But then he had the full follow through with the pressure and the weight and there was some contact there between the arm, Pepper's arm, and Eli's.  As I say, it's one of those things. These are the kind of things that happen along with the fingers hitting the helmet and all that stuff.
Q:  Could you see a scenario where you would have to give him a week or two off?
A:  I'm not going to project anything like that.  I have no idea.  I am just hoping for the best and I'm going to wait for the experts to tell me.
Q:  As far as Will Peterson being out. Since you don't the severity of it, do you think we are talking about days' Weeks?
A:  I do not have anything really to say about that until we see how well he does with his preliminary exercises and strengthening.  As of this afternoon, he is actually on the bike right now as we speak. 
Q:  Does this amplify the importance of the backup quarterback position?
A:  It certainly does.  This is something that we never really wanted to discuss.  We will see.  You continue to want me to speculate. I'm not speculating about anything.  I'm waiting and hoping for the best.  Waiting for what the doctors have to say.
Q:  The delay in seeing Dr. Warren, is that due to scheduling and not a medical reason?
A:  No, I don't think Dr. Warren is available. 
Q:  But Eli did have the MRI today as scheduled?
A:  He did have the MRI.
Q:  Does this situation put any more pressure on you to bring in outside help for the backup quarterbacks?
A:  I think we've always been in a position where we're doing the best we can to scour any talent that is available and we continue to do that.  We're looking constantly for upgrades at all positions.  You can't deal with something that is not there.  I don't think our position has ever changed with regards to trying to find the best players.
Q:  Would you like to get (Tim) Hasselbeck some snaps with the first team to see what he can do with them?
A:  I was impressed with how he performed last night.  Tim did a good job and that is a plus for us.  Getting snaps with the first team or whatever will have to wait and see on the outcome.
Q:  Has Corey Webster or Curtis Deloatch moved into Will Peterson's spot? 
A:  I have not made that decision just yet.  We just finished the tape.  We just finished talking about the game.  We will discuss that later.  At this point in time Curtis has been playing over there on the right side and he did go in last night.
Q:  What is the prevailing feeling after you looked at the tape? Were you more pleased with the good things or more annoyed with the bad things?
A:  Ha ha, that is a good question.  It depends on whether I want to start out with the good things or start out with the bad things.  There is no question about some of the good things that occurred.  I thought there was some really outstanding special teams play and I told you that last night.  The turnovers were huge in the game.  It ends up being one of those deals where they get a lot of yards but fortunately we were able to stop some of the drives with very timely turnovers.  We were able to big play.  Our offensive team big played some scores.  We also had a nice drive with our second group with Tim Hasselbeck at quarterback.  The plusses were those.  The minuses were, from a defensive standpoint, the inability to stop them and to stop the run.  We did defend some of the one on one passes very well but they were able to move the ball with consistency until we were able to overcome the drives with the turnovers.  I was pleased to be able to kick field goals with Jay Feely and see how that would go.  I was pleased to see our kickoff coverage team; last night Carolina's average starting point was the 22 yard line which was outstanding.  Our punt coverage was good; we did a lot of good things that way as well.  Our kickoff returns were solid so there were a lot of good things.
Q:  Specifically how did the Torbor/Emmons linebacking lineup do in your opinion?
A:  It is difficult.  They made errors just as our whole defense did.  I would like to say that we have a solid basis to work from there.  I think that there are enough things to have to correct today.  There are some good things, certainly some good things, but there are some overall things that have to be corrected and we will continue to work in that regard.  I think there is no doubt that the limited number of snaps that Carlos had and the opportunity to play as the will backer; we have to get him some more time and some more snaps back there.  Reggie's position over there, even though it did not show statistically that the move was responsible for flat out stopping the run.  I still feel like we are in the right direction.
Q:  Do you think that William Joseph took a step back last night or was it just because he was facing a tougher opponent?
A:  I don't think he took a step back. I just don't feel we got a whole lot done up front. 
Q:  Will he continue to work with the fist team?
A:  Yes.  There again you are asking me a question before we have really spoken about personnel.  He will continue to work, for sure.
Q:  Is there a strong interest in looking at Tim Couch and seeing what he can do after coming back from his shoulder surgery?
A:  Like I said, we are interested in anyone that we feel is in a possible position to make us a better team.  We continue to have that philosophy so if that situation presents itself down the road I'm sure there would be some interest. 
Q:  What was your reaction to the San Francisco player that passed away?
A:  Well, at first I was shocked, absolutely shocked.  The idea presented by Mike Nolan in terms of the most important thing right now is not the Xs and Os or even the outcome of the game but the concern for this young man and his family.  It is a tragic, tragic, sad situation and we just have to extend our thoughts and our prayers to the family and just realize that this is a sad day.

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