Eli Manning addresses the media

"I knew it didn't feel awful and that it wasn't going to be a season ending injury by any means."

Q: If it was a regular season game this week do you think you would start? Like if it was the first game of the regular season?

A: Yeah I think so. I think that if it was the first game of a long season you wouldn't want to risk doing anything worse, but if it was an important game then I can still throw the football if I wanted to. I threw a couple balls after the injury in the game. When you are playing you don't feel it as much, you are thinking about other things. If it was practice and I was warming up then there would be more of a chance to warm up before playing the game.

Q: Would you consider this a set back?

A: I wouldn't consider it a set back. Obviously I wish I could play this week and to practice because I need more reps in games and in practice to get better. I can still run and take mental reps and continue to work out, stay in good shape and get all my mental reps so it should be ok.

Q: Were you worried that it could have been something worse?

A: I didn't know. I knew it didn't feel awful and that it wasn't going to be a season ending injury by any means. I could just tell by my movement and by doing things, I was still using my arm and it wasn't a conscious thing like I had to stop using my right arm. I was still opening doors with it and using it. It wasn't that I can't use it right now.

Q: Did you consider not going into the game for the second quarter?

A: After it happened I was on the sideline and I threw some balls and I knew I could still throw. I wanted to finish the half and we had a chance for a two-minute drive so I wanted to get in there and throw the ball. I knew I could still throw the ball.

Q: Anytime a quarterback injures an arm, shoulder or anything related to throwing that must be concerning?

A: It is concerning because obviously right now I could probably go throw the ball but I might have to make adjustments to the way I throw and not maybe concentrate well so you don't feel pain and then it could end up being worse. It could be bad mechanics or all of a sudden your shoulder might start hurting or something else might start hurting instead. This is the smart thing. It is almost better that it happened in the preseason as opposed to the regular season so I have time to come back and take off right now and get it fully healed.

Q: Have they told you when you can practice?

A: They have not told me. We are just going to take it week to week and see how it feels as we go through this week and after the game next week just real slowly get back into shape and see what it feels like when I throw the ball.

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