Will P on the shelf

ALBANY – Will Peterson knows there was nothing illegal about the cut block by Carolina receiver Steve Smith that led to an injured left knee, but that doesn't mean the play was just fine with the Giants cornerback.

"Plays like that, in general, you just don't do them,'' Peterson said. "There are things I don't do just because in general I don't do them. You can hurt people.''

Peterson is hurt, sidelined with a sprained medial collateral ligament, is listed as week-to-week. He'll miss Friday night's preseason game against the Jets and wants to believe he'll be ready for a few snaps Sept. 1 in the preseason finale with the Patriots. He has no doubt about his availability for the Sept. 11 regular-season opener against the Cardinals.

"I feel I'll miss this week due to soreness in that area,'' Peterson said. "Next week, depending on how I feel maybe I'll be able to get out on the field for the last preseason game.''

The play that irked and hurt Peterson came in the first quarter of last Saturday night's 27-21 victory over the Panthers. On a pitch out to DeShaun Foster, Smith hit the ground and went for Peterson's knees, which is a legal maneuver as long as the block is made in front of the defender.

"He's a small, strong guy, I would think if I'm trying to tackle the runner, you just block me and use your strength,'' Peterson said. "When he dropped to my knees I was kind of surprised and it caught me off guard a little bit. I don't agree with the cut play at all, I think it shouldn't even be legal. That's something the competition committee will have to review. When you run up on a player who is unaware and drop to his knees that's kind of messed up.''

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