Player Diary: Corey Webster

‘I feel like I'm making a pretty good start for myself' That Carolina game sure was a lot of fun. Getting to make some big plays is why I'm here. With all the good players in the NFL, being able to make plays and be noticed is obviously a good thing.

The first one, I don't even know what they called it, a fumble recovery or a pick. I just saw the ball coming and when he caught it and tried to bring it in, it slipped out of his (Steve Smith's) back pocket. I just made a swipe at it to knock it down and it ended up in my hands.

I felt pretty good. There's always room for improvement, but I feel like I'm making a pretty good start for myself. I need to keep building off that. If I can keep that going, it's going to keep getting better and better for me.

Everything's been pretty fair to me so far. I can't really say there's one certain thing that's been tougher to pick up. Just getting out here and being familiar with the defense allows you to make more plays. Once you get comfortable, it's easier to add your own personality. In the beginning of camp, you're just trying not to mess up. Now you know how things are going, so you can put a little more of your personality into it and be a playmaker and do the stuff that you're normally good at.

Coming into camp a little late really didn't affect me at all. In college, I played receiver and DB and had no trouble learning the playbook. If the will is there to learn it, you'll have no problem learning it. Even though I wasn't in Albany, I was going over everything at home so I was never set back as far as knowing the plays. The only thing I had to do was come in here and get into football shape. It doesn't matter how much running I did back in Louisiana, I didn't have the shoulder pads and helmets on. That's the type of shape I needed to get into.

My mindset as a former receiver is a huge help playing DB. I was taught from that perspective of the game. Even just little things like which leg you're going to roll up on. Believe me, I don't know everything. There's a lot for me to learn. The one thing is that the receiver always comes back down to the ball. As a DB I always want to do that, try to get your hands somewhere near the ball. Even if you don't get it all the time, at least get near it.

When the ball's in the air, the receiver is thinking ‘don't let the DB catch it.' If you play with that same mentality, you know what he's trying to do, you really need to stop him from catching it. You want to be really aggressive and come down and get the ball.

Nothing here has been easy, but I have to say that the transition has probably been smoother since I'm coming from being coached by Coach Saban. He really tutored us and we had a pro-style system. He made the transition much easier. He told us what to expect, how to break down film, things like that. I've prepared for this. He prepared us all for this. I give him all the credit because I hadn't played DB until I met him. I give him a lot of credit for getting to this point and making it sometimes look like it's easy. That's a compliment when I hear people say that I make it look easy, so I'm thankful to him for that.

There's a lot of similarity between coach Saban and coach Coughlin. They both just demand excellence from all their players. Some people may say they're hard coaches. But once you go out there and do what they expect of you, you're all right with them. That's what I try to do, go out there and give them 110 percent. Whatever they ask me to do, I like to do it. If they want me to change up on something, I try to do it immediately. They want excellence, so I try to give them what they want.

With Will P hurt, you hate when that happens. I'm not looking at it like it's a plus for me. I hate to see the guy go down. He's a very good player, and he's already taught me a lot. We also have Curtis Deloatch. Whatever happens, happens. We're all out there just trying to get better every day. Now that Will P is out, he can coach me up from the sideline real good. He can tell me what I'm doing right and doing wrong.

I'm not sure what this year is going to hold for me. I'm not really anticipating anything. I'm just trying to get better all the time. As long as you take care of the little things, everything will happen good for you.

Off the field, I'm just a pretty laidback guy. I have an eight-month-old son, Corey Jr., and I just like to stay home with him and my girl, Tekleanna Nicholas. I've been with her for about years, high school sweethearts and all that. We might catch a movie, but that's really about it.

Even though I've been in the spotlight for a while, I'm really shy. Most people don't realize that I'm really shy. I'm not flashy at all or anything like that. I'm just laidback and let things go.

The New York media has been fun to deal with. I always had good relationships with the media. I like it. It's a way to get yourself out to your fans and show them how you really are. I think it's a good way for them to see me. I want the fans to know that I'm laidback when it comes to autographs as well. I'll talk to anybody, sign for anybody. I do whatever I can for people.

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