What's the story about premium content?

<P><STRONG>What is premium content on BBWC.com?</STRONG> </P> <P>Premium content on BBWC.com will consist of insider stories with exclusive player/coaches interviews you won't be able to find anywhere else but BBWC.com.</P>

Why start charging now?

Premium content is a new product that has been developed to provide more insightful and timely inside information, just like we charge for our newspaper subscriptions. With the regular season around the corner, more stories are available and it was the natural time for us to make this move.

Is anything free anymore? Yes. As stated above, we are charging for the ADDITIONAL exclusive information we are posting. In the future, more bells and whistles will be added and this will become the ultimate "Giants Insiders Club," where you will have access to these new features, like members-only chats and message boards that aren't invaded by hundreds of fans from other teams.

Only those who pay for premium content on the BBWC.com site will have access to those premium message boards and chat rooms.

Does that mean our current message boards will change?

No. We will continue to keep our free-for-all message boards going.

What other benefits are there? When you sign up for the Giant Insiders premium content, you will have immediate access to our premium stories, our analysis of the upcoming opponents AND Insider information that you will get here before anywhere else.

What if I subscribe to the print edition of Giant Insider! Newspaper?

We want to reward our faithful print subscribers by offering a special season pass to you. All of the TIME-SENSITIVE information in your print subscription of Giants Insider! Newspaper will be available through the Giants Insiders Club.

What sort of premium content will be available through the Giants Insiders Club? We post game previews, breaking it down by position, game reviews, highlighting each of the big plays, X's & O's, the turning point of each game, plus preview the game with a depth chart matching the opposition's players against the Giants. Plus, you get exclusive interviews with coaches, profiles and interviews with the players you might not know much about ... yet. You will also get stories about some of the up-and-coming players and some of their impressions of the team and the season.

To sign up for premium online only, simply click on a premium headline and you will be taken to the signup page.

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