Classy Kurt comes a callin'

Who better to take the first snap against Big Blue on Sept. 11 than Kurt Warner? However, don't expect Warner to be talking any trash before, during or after the game. As always, Warner was gracious as ever last week when discussing his brief stay in New York.

"I don't have any animosity to the organization," Warner told TGI following an Arizona practice. "I don't go into the game with any extra edge to prove anything to anyone. I'm just still so thankful to that organization for the opportunity they gave me. Without those nine starts in New York, I'd never be out here now.

"The opportunity that New York gave me is the only reason the opportunity in Arizona presented itself."

And Warner – with three big-time receivers in Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald and Bryant Johnson – loves life in the Valley of the Sun.

"It's been very good for me out here," he said. "It's more conducive to what I can do on the football field and what I like to do on the football field. I just think this is a better fit for my skills and abilities.

"We're going to be a much more pass-oriented football team. I just feel more comfortable with how we're attacking things here and the philosophy more than anything."

Warner never got a chance to settle in last season, being yanked for Eli Manning after nine starts – and a 5-4 record. He laughed when asked about the coincidence of returning to Giants Stadium on opening day.

"If it wasn't the NFL, maybe it would be ironic," he said. "The NFL has a way of doing those kind of tongue-in-cheek things. It's going to bring some extra excitement to it. I think the NFL knew what they were doing with it."

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