Tom Coughlin Press Conference: 9-8-05

Re: Thoughts on opening day I get excited. You are preparing and thinking about your last preseason game, then we have the Giants luncheon, and then all of a sudden everybody is talking about opening day and it kind of gets you going. Then when it is the week of the first game, there's no question there's a different – everything picks up and it is a very exciting game.

Re: Will Eli be fit and ready to go in your opinion


Re: Do you feel that he has had any setback at all by losing the time?

Well, naturally. He's been out for two weeks and so he hasn't played against a couple of defenses and a couple of teams that can really move and run. But he's had a solid week and we are in position where he's taken every snap.

Re: Other than Eli missing the last couple of weeks, are you satisfied where the team is going into its regular season opener?

That word ("satisfied") really bothers me. That word and "comfortable." I mean you are never satisfied. You're always trying to get better in certain areas. There are some areas that look very well on a given night and then other areas that don't. So, you're constantly trying to pull all things together so that you can have a very good effort in all phases. And that's the way that it has to be. Certainly, we recognize the things that we are doing well. But, we also understand that there are areas that we need to improve. And so it's always that. It's always the constant quest to try to get as close as you possibly can to perfection. You can't get there, but you can try to get there.

Re: Other than injury, what is your biggest concern?

Well, you're going into an opening day and you have a lot of young people that have to play and perform. You're playing 60 minutes and not some portion of a game and you have to perform from the first snap to the last snap and it has to be at a tempo that allows you a chance to win. Then, of course you have the idea that who you are playing and the idea that penalties and turnovers and these kinds of things are the difference in the games most of the time, particularly in openers. So, you have a lot of things on your mind and on your plate, but you're anxious and you'er excited and confident that your team on Sunday at 4:15 will be ready to go.

Re: Do you like the weapons you have brought into the season offensively?

I do. I think not only offensively, but I think we have more playmakers on our team and I'm excited about that. So, yes, in terms of having more people who can do something with the ball to put it in the end zone, yes.

Re: You talked about the excitement in general surrounding opening day, but obviously being September 11th for this team to start and being here at home and also the things surrounding the Gulf Coast, does that weigh at all emotionally as far as what this week means?

Well, it all comes together. You are into a position where you are very much excited about the first game of the 2005-2006 schedule. On the other hand you are reminded of the fact that it is the anniversary of 9/11. So you have that on your mind. Then it doesn't take too long to reflect on the tragedy that's occurred in Louisiana, Mississippi, and the Gulf Coast, and so you are very mindful of that. So, to put all of these things together and to balance them out is a difficult thing, but I think it's very fitting that the New York Giants would open up at home at 4:15 on September 11th in commemoration of 9/11.

Re: Any advantage to your defense in facing Kurt Warner?

Kurt Warner knows our football team pretty well and we know him pretty well. Those advantages that we have are probably looked at the same way by them.

Re: Do you wish you had one more day, one more practice or is it at this point you say let's just play football?

I think when we get to game day we're going to feel like ‘let's play the game.' You have to go play the game in order to make a start – you have to have the first game make a start, see where you are and we'll go from there. But we're going to be in a position where we're excited about opening the season.

Re: Do you think in a strange way Eli will benefit by the rest his arm got over the past couple weeks?

Well, I haven't really spent a lot of time thinking about that one.

Re: Quarterbacks throw a lot of reps in training camp.

He normally handles that very well. So, I'm sure that there was some benefit that way. He wasn't throwing every day if that is what it is. But he's young and he has a strong arm.

Re: Will Peterson update at all?

Will has practiced pretty much every snap all week long and I think by Sunday he'll have a couple of down days to rest and I think he'll be ready to go.

Re: What about Barrett Green?

His week was kind of off and on. He wasn't able to stay out there consistently, but he did practice today and he went through pretty much all his reps today, not a full practice, but his reps.

Re: How important was it for the receivers to get the back the timing with Eli?

That is very important. That is the whole point about being able to work together and know one another. So, that was important to get back to work.

Re: You going to have juggle Barrett Green and how much he plays?

We're probably going to have to do that for a while.

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