Accorsi not conceding anything

<P>GM <STRONG>Ernie Accorsi</STRONG> is adamant that the Giants will be competitive this season, and that New York hasn't conceded anything to anyone. Also, <EM>The Giant Insider </EM>has discovered four additional college players that have recently visited Giants Stadium. </P>

"If anyone thinks we're giving this year away has never seen me miss a six-foot putt," Accorsi said.

Accorsi is excited about the 2002 version of the Giants. "We're going to be younger, faster and more athletic," he said.

The GM claimed that the reason New York hasn't been able to make any free agent acquisitions (besides re-signing Shaun Williams) is because the Giants have no salary cap money to spend. But he's confident that won't be a problem in the future.

"Right now, next year's cap situation isn't too intriguing to the public, but next year next year's cap will be," Accorsi said.

On the draft front, in addition to the previously mentioned collegians to visit Giants Stadium (Jabar Gaffney, Reche Caldwell, Ashley Lelie, Marc Colombo, Jeremy Shockey, Daniel Graham, Matt Schobel, Doug Jolley and Dwight Freeney), the Giants have hosted these four players: Miami OT Bryant McKinnie, Arizona State OT Levi Jones, Georgia DL Charles Grant and Florida DL Alex Brown.

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