Game Notebook

Takin' a peek: The Giants had five players in for workouts the day after their season-opening victory. They were South Carolina LB Marcus Lawrence (Carolina), Western Carolina LB Nick McNeil (Green Bay), Michigan State LB Ronald Stanley (Pittsburgh), Texas A&M CB Jonte Buhl (Atlanta) and Boston College TE David Kashetta (Washington).

Firing on all cylinders: Six different players scored touchdowns for the Giants on opening day – Tiki Barber, Brandon Jacobs, Jeremy Shockey, Plaxico Burress, Willie Ponder and Chad Morton. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the last time the Giants had six different players score a touchdown in a game was on Nov. 27, 1966 – in the infamous 72-41 loss to the Washington Redskins.

Giant Giants: Big Blue is one of six teams that boasted 13 300-pounders on its opening day roster. Only Houston, with 16, had more.

On average, the Giants are the tallest team in the NFC with an average height of 6.2. The league average is 6.16. Weight-wise, Big Blue (250.02) is slightly heavier than the NFL team average (246.54). Age-wise, the Giants come in slightly younger (26.47) than the league average of 26.63.

Take stock in Big Blue: So, do you really think the Giants are going to the Super Bowl? The Ticket Reserve ( is a fun way for loyal fans to secure face-value access to see their favorite teams compete in the biggest events in sports. The premise is simple: fans log on to the site and purchase a "Fan Forward," which guarantees the bearer the right to purchase face-value tickets to the conference championship games and/or the Super Bowl, should the team he/she picks advance to that game. For example, a fan purchases two Giants "Fans Forwards" for the Super Bowl. If the Giants advance, the bearer may purchase two face-value Super Bowl tickets. Or, he/she may attempt to sell those rights, stock-market style, on the site at a price determined by the market. "Fan Forwards" are available for all NFL teams.

No more lines: Former Giants great Carl Banks teamed up with MasterCard to demonstrate the revolutionary PayPass technology that will be launched at all merchant/vendor locations at Giants Stadium this season. PayPass is a new contactless, faster and easier way to make purchases that utilizes an imbedded radio frequency chip to complete transactions.

MasterCard's PayPass is making the fan experience at the stadium more convenient. Consumers simply tap their PayPass-enabled MasterCard on specially-equipped terminals at stadium merchandise and concession locations, and within seconds can get back to their seats without missing much of the action on the field.

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