What the Opponents are Saying

Rams Marc Bulger: When you watch tape of the opposition's defense that has struggled like the Giants' defense did last week, what can you take out of it? Well, we know we can do some things, but we know better than that that they're not that kind of defense, the one that is 30th or 31st ranked or whatever it is. It's still early in the season and stats really don't mean anything.

They were up in the Arizona game, so obviously they kind of threw a lot. We respect them enough that we are not going to take them for granted.

Are you watching tape only of last week's game or also tape from the first two games in preparation for this game on Sunday and how do you prepare knowing you may not be able to do what San Diego did to the defense? .

We have been watching some from all three games and even some from last year. You watch as much as you possibly can. So, that's why you can't get too set on one game. In the NFL you can never – sometimes people watch our offense and sometimes we're great and sometimes we're terrible. So, it's a matter of getting a collective amount of film and and putting it all together. The Giants do so many things that we're going to have to be prepared for everything. .

What do you see from the Giants secondary? .

They are a veteran group with good players and a front four they have, even the front seven, gets pressure on the quarterback. You're not going to have much time and you have to get it out on time and those guys are pretty good at staying close and they disguise their coverages well. They have been around the block. .

Mike Martz.

When you watch tape of the Giants on Sunday night and watching their defense, how do you keep your offense from getting too overconfident? .

Well, I think that is not a fair question at all. I don't think that's an issue for us obviously because it makes us sound like we are real, real good on offense and we are not. The other part of the issue is that you are in San Diego, they are 0-2, and they have to win. That's probably as good as they'll play. When things start going too bad, it's hard to stop it sometimes. That's just the way it is. You have games like that, but that's no reflection on their defense, their capabilities, or what they'll do in the future. Anything that has been done last week or before has no bearing on this Sunday. I think everybody in the league understands that. .

Would you say that their defensive performance on Sunday in comparing it to the first two was maybe an anomaly? .

That's not my job to compare and do that. I don't coach that team. .

You said your offense hasn't been playing well. What are the specific problems that you can pinpoint? .

We still have some mental errors. We have some technique issues. The turnovers have been bothersome. And protection, obviously we have our problem at the right tackle at times. So, those are issues that we need to resolve.

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